The Third Wave of COVID-19 in the U.S. Is Officially Worse Than the First Two

Just days before a momentous and unpredictable Presidential election, the United States has reached a new record high in the number of daily COVID-19 infections, surpassing the peak in mid-July during the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic’s domestic toll. As of Oct. 23, there was a weekly average of 21.2 infections per 100,000 residents, up from 20.5 on July 19 and ticking rapidly upward. The country also set a new single-day record on Oct. 23 with 83,757 new cases.
There have been clear signs for weeks of a third wave of the pandemic in the U.S. as the weather gets colder and the virus has migrated from metropolitan regions to more rural settings. But it was far from certain, at the beginning of October, that the resurgence would surpass that of the summer, even though the figures were climbing far sooner than the timeline of the most promising vaccine trials, one of which was temporarily halted after a volunteer became ill but is set to resume soon.We know now that the third wa…

A Death Doula’s Take on the Pandemic

As fall arrives and COVID-19 numbers rise, wellness practitioners across the country are sharing their healing modalities to help us face our fear of death. We spoke with John Christian Phifer, a death doula, about how the novel coronavirus is changing our relationship with life.Before COVID-19, funeral and burial arrangements were fairly straightforward—a hands-on process handled by an afterlife professional. But as we watched families quarantined at home with the bodies of their loved ones and New York streets fill up with makeshift morgues due to hospital overcrowding, we couldn’t help but ponder the truth of own mortality, dramatically shifting how we perceive—and care for—the dead virtually overnight.While the novel coronavirus pandemic rages on, Americans are left with no choice but to prepare for what we will face in the coming weeks, months, and, possibly, years. “I think that people are highly sensitive to the topic of death right now, becoming more acutely aware of how preci…

A Warm-Up to Cultivate Longevity

Live Be Yoga Ambassador Cameron Allen draws on his Kundalini practice and sports science background in this morning warm-up to enhance joint flexibility and fluid movement.Warm up your body with this Kundalini-Yoga-inspired sequence that combines asana and mobility exercises fortified by breath of fire. See also A Short Sequence to Find Steadiness & Comfort

Source: Yoga Journal

A New, Large Study Finds Plasma Does Not Lower Risk of Dying from COVID-19

Researchers in India report that COVID-10 patients who received convalescent plasma from recovered patients did not see a lower risk of dying from the disease.The study, published in BMJ, included 464 people with moderate COVID-19 disease, meaning they had oxygen saturation levels of 93% or less when breathing room air, the criterion that most doctors use to determine if they should hospitalize people who are infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the illness. Study co-author Aparna Mukherjee, a scientist in epidemiology and communicable diseases at the Indian Council of Medical Research, notes that patients in her study would likely be considered severely ill in other countries, since definitions of illness vary considerably around the world. Once in the hospital, some patients in the study received two doses of convalescent plasma from those who had recovered from the disease and donated their immune cell-rich blood. These patients were compared to those treated with standa…

Aspirin and breast cancer risk: How a wonder drug may become more wonderful

Aspirin has been called a wonder drug. And it’s easy to see why.It’s inexpensive, its side effects are well-known and generally minor. And since it was developed in the 1890s, it’s been shown to provide a number of potential benefits, such as relieving pain, bringing down a fever, and preventing heart attacks and strokes. Over the last 20 years or so, the list of aspirin’s potential benefits has been growing. And it might be about to get even longer: did you know that aspirin may lower your risk of several types of cancer?Studies of aspirin and cancerA number of studies suggest that aspirin can lower the risk of certain types of cancer, including those involving thecolonovariesliverprostate.The evidence that aspirin can reduce the risk of colon cancer is so strong that guidelines recommend daily aspirin use for certain groups of people to prevent colon cancer, including adults ages 50 to 59 with cardiovascular risk factors, and those with an inherited tendency to develop colon polyps …

Some Parents Are Demanding In-Person Schooling as the Pandemic Stretches On

Shalyse Olson knows there are risks associated with sending her children back to school during the coronavirus pandemic, but the mother of four in Salem, Oregon says virtual learning “has been nothing but frustrating and sad.”That’s why she is among parents in several school districts around the country who are demanding a return to in-person, the latest escalation in thepolarizing debate over how to educate childrenas it becomes clear that thepandemic is not subsiding. Olson, whose children are enrolled in kindergarten through 10th grade in Salem-Keizer Public Schools, says she understood the need for remote learning initially, when the pandemic closed schools abruptly and forced teachers, students and parents to find ad-hoc workarounds from home. “All of a sudden it was like, ‘This will have to be good enough for now.’ And it was for a few weeks at the end of the year,’” says Olson.“But now, others are finding ways to do this safely. And we need to get on board and catch up, or it’s …

The FDA and CDC Promised Transparency in the Vaccine Approval Process. Here’s How Congress Can Hold Them to It

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a devastating impact on the health and economic well-being of families and communities across the country, and this virus will remain a significant threat until a safe and effective vaccine can be made available to all.While we all hope to get potential vaccines reviewed, produced and distributed as quickly as possible, we can’t sacrifice safety and efficacy for speed. It is also critically important that the public has confidence in the federal government’s vaccine review process, which includes assurances that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has followed the necessary protocols to ensure vaccine safety and effectiveness. Together, we’ve introduced the Safe Authorization for Vaccines during Emergencies (SAVE) Act to ensure that the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) follow well-established measures so that COVID-19 vaccines meet rigorous standards that the public can rely on.
The FDA and CDC have existing vaccine…

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