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This Fast-Food Burger Sold Out In Two Hours Last Year—and Now It's Coming Back

It started out as an April Fool's joke in 2021, but became a bizarre reality that keeps on getting more real and more popular in 2022. The "joke" burger sold by Culver's became one of the most buzzed-about fast-food items, thanks to its new take on cheese—one you won't find anywhere else. The novelty ended up selling out before most could get their hands on it, which is why Culver's has decided to bring it back for an encore appearance this fall. Culver's is reprising its Curderburger—a deluxe ButterBurger topped with a massive fried cheese patty —on October 12. The "crown of golden fried cheese," as the company calls it, is made from cheddar. There will also be lettuce and tomatoes. RELATED: 6 Once-Popular Burger Chains That Are Currently Shrinking The Curderburger had only one shot at stardom so far, and it exceeded the company's expectations. During a one-day event last year, 136,000 Curderburgers were sold, setting a single-day sales r
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10 Old-Fashioned Dips Made With Healthier Ingredients

Chips and dips. Veggies and dips. Crackers and dips. You get the idea! Dipping small bites into dips equals big flavor, and almost everyone loves a good dip. When someone brings out a big tray of snacks and dips, it's so festive and you know it's going to be a good time.  Whether putting together a tray for game day , pregaming Thanksgiving dinner, or just getting together with old friends, we know a good dip will be a crowd pleaser. We looked back at favorite dips to give you some party inspiration, along with finding some recipes to help you make them just a little bit healthier. Read on to visit some beloved old-fashioned dips and maybe get some new healthier, dip recipes.  1 Spinach Artichoke Creamy, dreamy spinach artichoke dip is a fall classic we crave as soon as there's a chill in the air. The origins of this dip trace back to the 1950s, with some saying  that when American soldiers returned from the front after the Second World War , they wanted to fi

7 Strict Rules Trader Joe's Employees Have to Follow

People who love Trader Joe's really love Trader Joe's, and honestly, what's not to love? It's affordable , has great snacks, grocery short-cuts, a freezer section with lots of simple and delicious meals, and of course, well-priced wine . It's also staffed by the most friendly, helpful employees, but we can't help wondering if it's as great to work there as it is to shop there. Read on to find out what it's like to work there and what kind of bizarre rules Trader Joe's employees have to follow . 1 The shirt you wear is part of workplace hierarchy. While we might see the tropical-influenced shirts as part of the fun of Trader Joe's, the distinctions between the shirts actually represent rank in the Trader Joe's hierarchy, according to Spoon University . Rank-and-file staffers, known as "crew members" have to wear solid color t-shirts with flowers on the back, while the store leaders are the ones wearing the button-down Hawai

The Best Steakhouse in Every State

For all the meat-eaters out there, the pinnacle of a delicious dinner is a juicy steak. Perfectly pan-seared, seasoned , and tender, steak satisfies the most carnivorous of appetites. Whether you like it super rare or just a little on the done side, we've assembled the very best steakhouses each state has to offer based on publications and reviews. Get ready for a road trip! And for more, don't miss The Best Chocolate Cake in Every State . ALABAMA: George's Steak Pit in Sheffield George's has been in business since 1950, now under the operation of the original owners' son, Frank Vafinis. What makes this spot unique is its cooking method, featuring steaks grilled over an open flame made from burning hickory wood logs. The pit creates a beautiful steak that's fully complemented with potatoes, salad, and vegetables. Locals and visitors both love the atmosphere and come often for delicious food. Sign up for our newsletter! ALASKA: Clu