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How long does coronavirus live on metal? Plastic? Cardboard? We have expert answers

Worried about how long coronavirus can stay on grocery-cart handles? Here, medical professionals advise on how to stay safe from infected surfaces.

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Trade Your TikTok Dance For a Fun Booty Workout With This "Savage" Bodyweight Routine

Plenty of people are using their time at home to learn TikTok dances and follow at-home workouts, and now you can combine the two with fun bodyweight routines. On March 26, fitness YouTuber Maddie Lymburner (AKA MadFit) posted a video set to Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage," which targets the butt and legs. The short-but-sweet clip strings together squats, lunges, thrusters, and more for a fast-paced, fun workout that's equally tiring. Get some exercise in by following the nearly three-minute video above, and then check out more of Lymburner's routines, including a fiery total body workout set to Dua Lipa's "Physical."


Does Anyone Mind If I Spend the Next Week Learning This "Break My Heart" Dance Tutorial?

My lack of dancing skills is not a well-kept secret, but with plenty of time at home, I've been tempted to learn routines in the privacy of my own apartment. Take, for instance, Kyle Hanagami's first online tutorial set to Dua Lipa's "Break My Heart" - an absolute bop, BTW.The choreographer is typically known for the classes he teaches at Millennium Dance Complex in LA, but he decided to teach a routine step-by-step on YouTube with the help of his assistant, Haley Fitzgerald. He helpfully breaks up the choreography into three sections and starts off with instruction before moving into slow counts, followed by fast counts, and then combines everything with music. Watch the full tutorial above if you're ready to break a sweat in the comfort of your own home.


If You're Craving a Full-Body Toning Workout, These Pilates Classes Are 100% Free Right Now

At-home workouts are a godsend pretty much all the time, but we're relying on them now more than ever. As the coronavirus outbreak continues, exercise is both an escape from stress and a way to strengthen your body and immune system. With social distancing measures on the rise and many gyms temporarily closing their doors, one kind of small-apartment-friendly workout I'm into is Pilates, which tones and stretches my muscles in the best way. And as a mental health bonus, Pilates has also been shown to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.Below, check out studios and brands that are offering free Pilates classes for the next few weeks. Roll out your mat and sample a few to start moving and toning from just about anywhere.Active by POPSUGAR app: Sign up for a free account for access to hundreds of at-home workouts, including Pilates, cardio, strength, and more.Alo Moves: The yoga, barre, and Pilates subscription service is offering free full Pilates workouts on its YouTube c…

If You Are Emotionally Eating or Overeating or Have Increased Cravings, These Memes Can Relate

While scrolling through Instagram for some creative home workout inspiration and delicious comfort food recipes to whip up, I came across a very insensitive post joking about gaining the "Quarantine 15." I stopped scrolling instantly and felt physically ill.For the love of brownies, chips, and all things pasta, worrying about gaining weight is not what you should be thinking about right now! Of course, I instantly felt better when I scrolled past that crappy post and saw posts like these telling me whatever my food choices were, whatever eating habits I was having, they were normal and expected.Related: These Embroidered Antidiet Messages on Instagram Are Bold and Necessary If you're finding yourself eating all day, eating more than you normally eat, eating foods you normally don't reach for, not moving as much, and stress eating, these Instagram memes - many from intuitive-eating and antidiet registered dietitians - will make you feel a million times more at ease.


Anxious and Stressed? Yoga Comes to the Rescue With These Free Online Classes

It's OK if you don't feel much like doing your usual hardcore HIIT workouts. But moving your body, taking calming deep breaths, and stretching your muscles with some gentle yoga can help relieve some of the anxiety and stress you may be feeling right now. Although you can't go to your favorite yoga studio, you can follow along to these free yoga videos.Corepower Yoga: Check out these free on-demand yoga and sculpting videos on the Corepower Yoga website.Yoga With Adriene: Check out Adriene's YouTube channel for over 500 free yoga videos.Daily Burn: If you sign up, you get a 30-day free trial where you can choose from thousands of different video and audio workouts on the Daily Burn website, including yoga.Yoga International: Stream hundreds of expert-led yoga and meditation classes with this 14-day free trial.Alo Moves: Start a 14-day free trial and get unlimited yoga, including a variety of styles such as Ashtanga or Vinyasa.Glo: With a 15-day free trial, you'll g…

From Yoga and Pilates to HIIT: 10 of the Best YouTube Channels For Free At-Home Workouts

If you have an open space, you can 100-percent work out from home. Not convinced? Try bodyweight exercises in your living room - add equipment if you have some - or roll out a mat next to your bed and stream workouts on demand (yes, this does require good WiFi). Classes you might find in a group setting can be accessed online through paid subscriptions like Tone It Up, Active by POPSUGAR, Peloton (they have more than just bike and treadmill classes!), and P.volve. There's also a supersimple and zero-cost way to get your sweat session in: YouTube.Utilizing YouTube channels spearheaded by certified trainers is one of my favorite tools for at-home workouts. You can find channels specific to yoga, for instance, or those that have a wide variety of workouts ranging from Tabata to other forms of HIIT. These videos are available at your convenience. You can work out at your own pace on your own time, which gives you the flexibility you need to fit exercise into your day (if you're in…