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foods that help burn fat

Here are seven foods help in getting rid of fat, God willing, there are foods that can help us to stimulate the metabolic system and therefore burn calories and fat, but will, of course, if carried out through diet and effective program for weight loss. 1- Apple:  Do you remember the old adage: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away," Well, not only the doctor, but also excess grams. Apples contain a higher percentage of pectin, a soluble fiber. 2- Garlic: Garlic One of the most effective foods to burn fat. Garlic contains acompound "allicin" which has antibacterial effects and can help lower cholesterol and unhealthy fats. 3- Tomato: Tomatoes are very effective and worthy addition to your diet. They are great in your fight against excess weight also is also important to prevent and repel diseases, cancer and high blood pressure. 4- Carrots: Add carrots to the diet food wonderful and very effective in combating obesity and fat burning. W