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abdominal muscles

The abdominal muscles —rectus abdomenus and the internal and external obliques—are part of the group that form the trunk musculature Weak abdominal muscles are a cause of bad posture and may be a predisposing factor in chronic lower back pain. Strengthening these muscles will firm the waistline, improve posture, and result in a trimmer appearance  However, abdominal exercises do not spot-reduce fat from around the abdomen and waist . Fat is lost only by expending more calories than are consumed. The sit-up is one of the most common exercises for abdominal strengthening and toning. The Bent-Leg Sit-up is popular because it does not cause excessive stress on the lower back. Straight-Leg Sit-ups are not recommended and should be avoided because they may cause undue strain on the lower back.(Straight-Leg Sit-ups work the hip flexor muscle as opposed to the abdominals) authorities agree that (depending on the type of exercise) abdominal muscles, unlike most other muscle

9 Best Weight-Loss Tips

We scoured scores of weight loss tips and found the cream of the crop to help you shed that flab for good. This is certainly not the first list of weight loss tips you've stumbled upon. There is no shortage of advice, programs, and products designed to help people who are overweight. However, that's why it's difficult to weed out what's really useful and effective. And who isn't sick of hearing that the way to lose weight is to reduce calories and increase physical activity? You're in luck: We dug deep to find the tips that make the most sense and really work. Let's go.... Best Weight-Loss Tips   1. Stick to the measuring tape .When it comes to shedding body fat, the scale is not always your friend.Consider this: The best way to slim down is to simultaneously change your eating habits and increase physical activity. Exercising, however, builds muscle mass--which is a good thing.You may have heard that muscle tissue is more metabolically