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10 Ways Walking Changed My Life

10 Ways Walking Changed My Life

Sarah Cush is a fitness phenomenon. A national respected, Certified Trainer, Sarah has done each training unit of cross-fit to Zumba. But it was not until you re-discovered walking a few years ago that they realized that they had found the perfect activity. "I get the benefits of walking, I come not from intense exercise routines," she says. Your newfound love to walk to develop inspired Sarah and coach brand new 21 days to walk a little lose much challenge, a RodaleU course starts from 1. January 2016. Sarah will coach students through this 3-week transformation that you shed pounds, eating better, and full of energy!

Read on to learn how walking amended Sarah's life, and make sure your challenge, so you can use the same results.

1. The mental clarity and emotional balance

you know how some days all seem to be out of whack? If you just feel down without good reason? The easiest way for me to get up and for a walk. Within 15 minutes, I have to get my focus and I feel like I did my cares away. I am reminded that nothing is to highlight On. When I click on a walk, I can solve problems-no obstacle is too much to overcome.

2. Creativity


on a walk, I am able to relax my spirit and let you hiking, and easy on the people and the landscape. If I blocked when trying to write or with a new fitness program, I tip my running shoes and head out of the door. I know for a fact that on my walk, something or someone will spark a new thoughts. The simple act of letting go and migratory helps me access ideas I have stored in my head.

3. Recovery

for years, my career has required high impact, physically demanding work. Walking is a deadline of this while still me the training I crave. I remember a day on which i felt physically tired but I was planning to go running. My body just said no, so I went for a walk. What happened next was amazing: I worked and sweating without killing my joints! I felt rejuvenated, inspired, and I had a sense of accomplishment. Even better: I burned the same amount of calories in my of 40 minutes that I run in 25 minutes. And the additional 15 minutes were invaluable because they helped to recover my body and brain.

4. people

i met so many interesting people walking in New cities or towns. In fact, I met my best friend by walking: we happened to both you and we smote strolled a chat. We had so much in common that no time, we have become friends. And now she is one of the most important persons in my life.

5. Stress relief

Stress relief

a walk offers an almost immediate stress relief. Numerous studies show that the lower levels of stress hormones. But I know from my own experience, if I feel crazy and overwhelmed - I need a walk. Immediately, I start to feel better physically, mentally and spiritually.

These stress hormones can cause weight gain, loss of memory, and high blood pressure; I take my Rx to foot please!!!!!

6. Hip mobility

my hips can block, thanks to my profession of leading with high intensity, demanding training. Since I started my hip mobility and flexibility is significantly improved. I also believe that walking breaks lactic acid in the muscles, helps me to relax and allowed me to build more fat-free muscle mass.

7. Better Perspective

If I have a better view from my neighborhood, I looked at the nature, the people and the environment in a different way. I live in Santa Monica, California, which is a pretty busy city. It is easy to rush around in your car and miss your environment. After I began to walk, I discovered, beautiful gardens and houses that i have never noticed. I began to the greetings I see every day to know you and your dog. I was able to tap into a small city vibe in an otherwise big city.

8. A new kind of toning

to go out for a couple of months, I was aware that I was targeting and muscle building that my other routines are neglected. Then I noticed my legs were better than you ever had, the arm pump while walking improved my upper back definition and increased my range of motion, opening my shoulder blades.

9. cultural exchange 

cultural exchange

I travel a lot so that I have already walking everywhere. Instead of on a car in a new city, I top up my shoes off and take the sidewalk. Now I have the interactions with the locals that had in the past. I have found the shops and restaurants off the beaten path. In France, i went with my daughter and we stopped to chat with an older man. He mentioned that he is in possession of the restaurant we were, and then he is offered to us in the kitchen and teach us how to add some french dishes. This was a unique experience, made possible by.

10. It is simply fun!

Last and last but certainly not least, hiking has added so much joy in my life! Movement is a gift: I always look forward to a walk. I never see it as something, what do i have to do and I will do it.



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