16 Amazing Success Stories of Weight Loss Heroes with Before and After Photos

For all you fitness freaks (or just about everyone really), you’re at this point adamant that weight loss is simply just a matter of burning more calories than you consume. Sounds easy, right? It’s not.

For anyone who has been through the throes of weight loss would know the sweat, cringe and temptation killing required to cut down on that fateful few pounds. And as the saying goes, the bigger it is, the harder it falls (off of you). We have compiled a list of people who hold tales of incredulity in the journeys they’ve made from being elephantine to being pristine.

The aforementioned journey starts with one little step which is one big promise. As often happens, it’s always easy to start this journey but hardly possible to commit to it. So as necessary all of us need a motivational boost along the way because a gentle push every now and then remind us to not give up. As they say, whenever you’re about to give up, just remember why you started.

The change to one’s body orbits around lifestyle change to one’s entire life. We normally shrug them off as impossibilities but the following men, women and couples did just that and put in the sweat, grit and determination to make sure their bodies at the end spoke for what they had stood for.

Angelina burned off 140 lbs. and has maintained it for 3 years straight

burn fat

When she started out, Angelina had little hope of being the chiseled aphrodite-esque she is today. At over 250 pounds, she figured that weight loss would be a lost cause for her. But one miraculous year later and she burned off 140 lbs through an intensive training regimen designed for her specifically by her trainer who focused on a carb-free, sugar-less and high intensity interval training (HIIT) course designed to push her body from the very start

Two birds from one stone- Sarah not only laid off 168 lbs but also married her personal trainer

fat burning

A superhero unto herself, Sarah was never one to be ashamed of how she looked before she started out. A confident believer of the mantra: “everybody is beautiful”, Sarah only realized the need for weight loss once she found out the consequential stress her joints were going through. Soon enough she began working out and going out with her trainer who claims it really was love at first sight with her and her grit at the treadmill!

Isabel made a shift for a mind and soul and not just her body once she lost a 100 lbs.

fat loss

At 24 and 220 lbs. Isabel knew time was ripe to drop the excess baggage and move to a fitter life. Little did she know that as she trimmed down, she made coherence with her spiritual self and embarked on a life changing journey. Now a progressive yoga instructor, Isabel believes that weight loss was a major milestone on her way to becoming crystal in her thoughts and brought her unparalleled joy in life.

Jessica’s 180 lbs. beat drop shocked the world

Jessica’s 180 lbs
Jessica (Ig: Jessica_vsg44) is now regarded as a sentinel in the weight loss world for doing the impossible. Starting out with nothing but a dream body and a pair of trainers, Jessica proved to the world that the law of attraction really is true. She claims the initial fat just flew off as she began a healthy diet and while it progressively grew stubborn, she learnt to never give up.

[H 5] When the smallest things pay off

When the smallest things pay off

This couple was forced to sell their car and as a result was forced to take walking as a regular deal. But 3 years down the road and they consider it an investment rather than a turbulence in their life as the walking definitely paid off.

Just a couple who lost more than a couple!

a couple who lost more than a couple

When they realized that obesity wasn’t the best way to kick start their marriage, Riley and Martha realized that a couple targeting workout program was just what they needed and joined the Thincredibles program to induce weight loss. Countless hours of determined cardio and healthy eating later and they had lost a combined total of 330 lbs. and found that a healthier couple definitely lead to a healthier marriage.

A 538 lbs. whopper tale

A 538 lbs. whopper tale

Known in their town of Asheville as the fattest couple to ever live, Gustus and Ashley didn’t really mind the attention and the free drinks at the bar. But with cardiac complications settling in with their combined 700 lbs. bodies, they undertook an oath to be better people for each other. And with that goal they set out on a 5 year course of CrossFit and cardio where they lost a 538 lbs. total by the end and have nothing but fame as the couple who jumped from miracle to miracle together. Needless to say, the free bar drinks were still up for them, however less redeemed (dang!)

When halving down is a blessing

yoga and diet

Kimberly knew she had a problem when the doctors told her that with 270 lbs. she didn’t have much hope for a great vascular report. Determined to prove to them and her friends that a turnaround was entirely on the cards, she lost 135 lbs. over the next 2 years while focusing on yoga and diet trimming. The only thing she has to say is that sometimes you need to be the hero you seek in others.

Do it for your people, do it for your pride!

Do it for your pride

This couple knew at the birth of their second child that being diabetic was bad news if they wanted to watch the joys of their children growing up. So they too embarked on a journey like many others to make sure they fell nothing short of local superheroes that stood tall for everyone to look up to!

Cycling away from obesity

Cycling away from obesity

Jennifer followed one simple mantra and that was to cycle, eat ample but small portions and rinse, repeat. 3 years down the road and she knows that being brave and believing in yourself is all it takes to defeat your worst enemies that lie inside you!

Wedding bells into cardio alarms

Wedding bells into cardio alarms

For some people marriage signifies the next journey of life. But Melissa and Clarke wanted more. They wanted to start a lighter journey of life and that too for each other. So by the time their wedding commenced, both had lost 133 lbs. for the massive event they had planned. I guess it’s safe to say they kept off the cupcakes that day!

90 lbs. she didn’t need

90 lbs. she didn’t need

Ashley followed the simple meal breakdown plan she had found in her local gym and with a set of dumbbells and a yoga mat, knew she had but a progressive road ahead. One year later she beams ahead as she sees herself in a whole new confident light.

Anita’s sugary solution

Anita’s sugary solution

Anita had a sugar craving since forever and knew that it was impossible to overcome that despite her love for athleticism. So her solution came from the bravest depths of logic; the consumption of fruits. By substituting sucrose for the much healthier fructose, she started a lifestyle that was both fulfilling and healthy for her.

Matt’s emporium of physique

Matt’s emporium of physique

Since 2012, Matt has shredded off 170 lbs. and put on healthy lean mass to turn into a local hunk after his determination of a lifestyle based on a combination of sweat equity and healthier eating habits.

Watch and drool

Watch and drool

Henry dropped his bad habit of consuming almost a whopping 10 000 calories a day and started going to the gym. Hitting the free weight rack regularly he found inner peace as he got ripped and his heart grew more adjusted to the new regimen he had. The rest as they say is history.

A ‘couple’ of heroes

A ‘couple’ of heroes

This beautiful couple made the jump from being just happy to being hearty as well. They claim that they only had each other in mind and wanted to be their best selves for each other. While that is the least of what can be believed given their progress, it’s a heroic journey at the very least to say the least.

source: phenom


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