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10 Changes You Can Make to Lose Weight – Best weight loss tips

10 Changes You Can Make to Lose Weight – Best weight loss tips

there is always something being promoted as being the best weight loss trend but really it depends on you and what you are currently doing. There are many changes you can make to lose weight, but first here is a little bit of background on how I came upon them. When I first started working out I had no idea what I was doing. I had gained around 15 lbs since starting my desk job. I ate whatever I wanted really. I went to the gym like once a week and added some healthier foods to my diet but didn’t see results. Why couldn’t I lose weight?

The reason why is because I didn’t have a calorie deficit and I wasn’t being consistent with my diet and exercise. I also was only focusing on cardio. Cardio is a good form of exercise but only when you do it enough to see results. You really need a blend of diet, strength training and cardio in order to see results! And by making some changes to fit your schedule you can do just that.

10 Changes You Can Make to Lose Weight (for best weight loss)

Take the stairs

taking the stairs instead of an elevator is great cardio as well as a booty building exercise. I go up and down 4 flights of stairs multiple times a day at work and it really helps!

4 min workouts

you need at least some strength training. A good start is a 4 minute workout. After all, muscle eats away at fat. The more you have the easier it is to keep the fat off if you have a calorie deficit.

Get outside / Walk more often

getting outside gives you the best form of vitamin D. It not only helps you physically but mentally as well. One of my role models at work said that he recommends taking a moment to look at the clouds as they will never look the same again. It helps you focus on something outside of yourself and gives you a great break to reset. Taking a walk gives you the cardio you need too. After all, if you are too stressed you will not lose weight the healthy way!

Skip back on tv

tv really can hinder you in the long run. The only time I watch TV is when I am with my boyfriend and we watch a movie. If you scale it back you can have so much more time to focus on what really matters.

Eat throughout the day

I know some people that eat once a day. I have never been like that but it really makes me wonder how it is possible! I eat 3 meals per day with 2-3 snacks in-between. By doing so, I boost my metabolism thus losing weight! I am fueling my body consistently instead of just having 1-3 meals a day that can cause my body to react and store the food as fat or go into starvation mode halting your progress.

Portion size

have you ever gone to a restaurant and ordered something that was just the right size for you? Without leaving so full you feel sick? I know I haven’t! By eating the whole plate you more than likely will not have a calorie deficit which will halt your progress. I ask for a box with my food and put half of my food in the box to enjoy later. (Yay for less meal prep!)
Add a veggie to each meal

veggies are one of the best foods you can eat. Always strive to eat a “rainbow” of fruits to get the full nutritional value and fiber your body needs.

Stick to non-fried foods

fried foods are drenched in unhealthy fats and by frying you change the composition of nutrition of the food. Compare grilled chicken to fried chicken and it changes drastically.

Drink water, coffee or tea instead of soda

a lot of sodas are loaded with chemicals and sodium. If you drink them in low moderation, you can get away with it but if you really want to see results, I suggest ditching the soda and going with water, tea or coffee. I also would suggest honey or stevia as a sweetener and almond milk instead of dairy. this is probably my number one best weight loss tip as soda has so much sugar and sodium that one regular soda can through off all of your effort!


i mentioned before the importance of a mental break. Another good way to do that is to meditate. It leads you to let go mentally and helps you focus. Instead of stressing, meditation helps me center in and gets me recharged. For more information be sure to check out my post on mindfulness exercises. this is my second best weight loss tip because if you are not OK mentally, your body will hold you back from seeing the results you want physically!

These are changes you can make for the best weight loss! These tips will help you to center in and focus while reaching your fitness goals. They not only help you physically but mentally as well. Enjoy!


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