Lose Belly Fat by these seven simple scientific ways

It's the most dangerous kind of fat - the stuff that sits around your tummy. So shifting it, isn't just about fitting into your skinny jeans, it's also vital for your health.

1. Break your fast

If you always start the day with a slice of toast or bowl of cereal, a simple change could make all the difference.
"Eating a breakfast high in fat and protein may help with shedding abdominal fat as the blood sugar levels are more stable and the yo-yo of insulin is to a lesser effect," explains, nutritionist Sonal Shah.

2. Cut the sugar and booze

Zana Morris, says that belly fat is linked to sugar consumption. "Sugar causes the release of insulin, which in turn encourages the body to store fat particularly around the middle," Does that mean that if you cut out sugar, you'll lose that stubborn spare tire? Zana says yes. "Cutting sugar and foods that break down quickly into sugars (e.g. fruit/bread/pasta/wine), will reduce and stabilize levels of insulin as well as help your body to look to fat for fuel." Reducing your free-sugar intake will help the body to utilize its own fat supplies without compromising on the essential vitamins and minerals you get from whole grains and naturally-occurring carbs.

3. Reduce your calories

You have to be in a calorie deficit - you have to burn more energy than you consume. It’s really hard to do that by exercise alone, you’ve got to change your diet too.

4. Forget the sit-ups

Think you’ve got to spend your evening smashing out hundreds of sit-ups if you want to see abs? Think again. Crunches and sit-ups may well help to strengthen your core muscles but they’re not enough to make a massive difference on their own. You’re much better off working on getting stronger as a whole through lifting weights at the gym, and doing cardio. Cardio is both amazing for heart health and it helps you to burn through calories, while weight lifting is probably the single most effective thing you can do to change your body composition.

5. Concentrate on gut health

There’s nothing that gut health doesn’t seem to affect. Make sure you’re eating a wide variety of gut-loving foods, including lots of green veg, yogurt, fermented things like sauerkraut and whole grains.

6. Sleep more

Dr Hazel Wallace says that sleep is really important, both for overall health and for changing your body shape - if that’s your goal. She said: “We grow when we’re asleep. Your human growth hormone’s elevated when you’re asleep so when it comes to people who are keen on growing muscle or performing in the gym, that’s where you make those gains.” So while diet is important (experts say fat loss is 80 per cent diet, 20 per cent exercise), sleep is absolutely crucial.

7. Reduce stress

Being in a prolonged state of stress then leads to digestive issues, with our systems struggling to break food down properly and causing inflammation - or bloating. As well as prioritizing sleep, make sure that you’re not overdoing the exercise and that you’re giving yourself a break from your phone.


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