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Sugary Sodas Wreak Havoc With Cholesterol Levels, Harming the Heart

Sugar-sweetened drinks can play havoc with your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which increases your risk for heart disease and stroke, a new study finds. Specifically, drinking more than 12 ounces (1 standard can) of sugary sodas or fruit drinks a day may not bode well for your cardiovascular health, researchers say. "Think before you drink. There is accumulating evidence linking sugar-sweetened beverages to adverse health outcomes, and this message is clear," said lead researcher Nicola McKeown, a nutritional epidemiologist at the Jean Mayer U.S.D.A. Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University in Boston. According to the researchers, drinks such as sodas, sports drinks and fruit-flavored drinks are the biggest source of added sugars for Americans. "Efforts and policies aimed at reducing sugar-sweetened beverage intake should continue," McKeown said. "When it comes to alternative beverages, we need more information about wha

Lose weight by cutting calories - but eat MORE to blast fat faster, expert reveals

Image YOU don’t have to be an expert to know that eating and drinking more calories than you burn leads to piling on the pounds. So, it would make sense that cutting down on what you consume –… Source:

Prebiotics are good for infant gut health and immunity

Image There are components in human milk that help build gut health and immunity. Breast milk contains components that both actively and passively modify the immune system of an infant. Source:

Dr. Stanley Dudrick, Who Saved Post-Surgical Patients, Dies at 84

Image Why were they dying after “successful” operations? He discovered the cause and came up with a remedy — intravenous nutrition — a technique that has saved millions of lives. Source:

A Cookbook Author's 3 Meal Prep Tips For Keeping Healthy Food On-Hand

Image Cooking simple, delicious food has never been so easy. Source:

Everything You Need to Know About Allulose, the Low-Cal Sweetener You’re Seeing Everywhere

Image Everything you need to know about allulose, including what it is, nutrition facts, health benefits, how allulose fits into the keto diet, where to buy it, and how to cook with allulose—all according to dietitians. Source:

3 Natural Testosterone Boosters You Never Knew About

Image Did you know that your testosterone levels drop from your thirties? Here's how to stall its decline with a few natural tweaks Source:


Image The ketogenic diet is incredibly popular right now, and it's easy to see why. It promises quick weight-loss results while still allowing (and encouraging) you to indulge in foods like steak and cheese. Before you try it, though, it's important to realise that keto can end up costing more than a balanced diet - both financially and in terms of... Source:

14 Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Image When embarking on a road trip, it's not always easy to find nutritious snacks, so you may want to bring your own. Here are 14 healthy road trip snacks. Source:

Orthorexia Is A Growing Diagnosis. Here’s How Experts Treat It.

Wanting to do what's best for your body is an extremely understandable impulse. Messages to eat whole foods and exercise are everywhere and are generally well intentioned. But in a world so marked by toxic diet culture, a desire to live a "healthy" life can quickly turn into a negative obsession. Experts now say this kind of obsession can actually be an eating disorder called orthorexia nervosa. As with other forms of disordered eating, treating orthorexia can require the help of a mental health professional and a solid support network. "Orthorexia nervosa develops when healthy eating becomes an obsession or preoccupation that results in distress or anxiety over 'breaking' one’s self-imposed nutritional rules," says Dr. Elizabeth Barchi, M.D., sports medicine specialist at the NYU Langone Center for Women’s Sports Health. "This rigid adherence to a specific diet, or restriction of certain foods, can lead to nutritional imbalances and other n

TikTok-Famous 'Metabolism Drops' Have Been Pulled From the Market

Image Rae, the wellness company behind the drops, pointed to teen girls "misusing" the product as the reason for the recall. Source:

5 Reasons to Buy the April Issue of Men's Health

Image Our Nutrition Special is packed with smart tips and cheats for men who want to eat well, live well and – yes – look good, too Source:

‘I lost 70kg tracking my macros but never went hungry’ Teri Vallely lost 70 kgs by keeping an eye on her macros and ultimately reversed her obesity before it became detrimental to her health. Source:

How WHEN you eat could improve your wellbeing and help you lose weight

Image WE all know certain foods are healthier than others, but now research suggests it is not just a case of “you are what you eat”, but also “you are WHEN you eat”. According to a recent study, eating … Source:

Over 1,100 Amazon shoppers are obsessed with Bulletproof Collagen Protein—and it’s $10 off!

Image Sourced from pasture-raised, hormone-free cows, Bulletproof collagen protein powder is as natural as it gets. Source:

Kids need a nutritious breakfast every morning. Here's why, plus some tips for making it easier

Image Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, yet an alarming number of school-aged children don't eat it. Source:

Why you need to boost the prebiotics in your diet NOW

Image Sydney-based nutritionist and author Lee Holmes has outlined her top food recommendations to improve gut health. On the list includes fibre and prebiotic-rich foods, such as garlic and leek. Source:

The healthiest things to buy at ALDI, according to dietitians

Image Wondering what to buy at ALDI? Here are 28 healthy and budget-friendly items that registered dietitians have on their grocery lists. Source:

Dairy milk 'associated with breast cancer risk': study

Image A new study has associated consumption of dairy milk with a greater risk of breast cancer in women. Source:

7 Health Benefits of Garlic, According to a Nutritionist

Image Source:

Mediterranean diet scores another win for longevity by improving microbiome - KVIA

Image Yet more bragging rights are in for the Mediterranean diet, long considered to be one of the healthiest in the world. A new study published Monday in the BMJ journal Gut found that eating the Mediterranean diet for just one year altered the microbiome of elderly people in ways that improved brain function and would Source:

What Intuitive Eating Can & Can’t Do, According To Experts

Image It's positioned as the anti-diet: Abandon all inhibition, guilt, or shame around food and eat like a baby, or in tune with your body's natural rhythms. Intuitive eating sounds pretty simple — but for many, it means radically reframing their entire… Source:

'Metabolism Drops' Recall: What to Know About TikTok's Latest Dangerous Trend

Image The maker of Metabolism Drops, Rae Wellness, has issued a recall after teens began promoting this weight-loss supplement on TikTok. Source:

What You Eat Is Impacting Your Mental Health. Here’s What You Should Know.

Image How America's "global industrial diet" can impact your panic attacks Source:

Do keto pills work? Sort of but experts say the keto diet is better

Image Keto pills are proven to increase ketone levels in the blood but that doesn't mean they will help you lose weight. Here's why and how keto pills work. Source:

4 Lessons a Lifelong Dieter Learned After Trying Keto

  My first foray into the dieting world started in middle school when my parents and I enrolled in the Weight Watchers Smart Points program. (Puberty and overeating were making things a bit tough for this pre-teen trying to figure himself out.) Back then, my eating habits and my changing body amounted to me getting breast reduction surgery—a clear indication that I needed to change my relationship with food. The WW program worked well for me, until it didn’t. As soon as my weight loss plateaued, so did my motivation. I went back to care-free eating until my junior year of high school, when a friend suggested I try the Atkins Diet. I wanted to lose weight more rapidly than I had on Weight Watchers years earlier. Atkins kicked off off my 20-plus-years, on-and-off relationship with low-carb. Doing Atkins in high school was surprisingly easy. A typical day included plates of bacon at breakfast, deli meat straight from the package for lunch, and fast foo

Jenna Jameson Gives ‘Long Awaited’ Update on Her Keto Diet Journey

  One step at a time!  Jenna Jameson  just gave fans a “long awaited” update on how her keto diet journey has progressed. “I am losing slowly, slowly. I’m now 14 lbs down but I’ve been fluctuating,” the former adult film actress, 45, admitted  via Instagram  on Monday, February 24, while showing off her figure in a new pic. “I think hormones are playing a huge part. I’m still breastfeeding and recently got my period back after 3 years 🤪.” Jenna Jameson. Courtesy Jenna Jameson/Instagram Jenna Jameson. James Shaw/Shutterstock She continued, “So I feel up and down, hot flashes galore and in need of all things salty. Moral of the story, give yourself grace, it’s a marathon not a sprint! Love you guys 👍🏻#ketoweightloss.” Jameson revealed in December 2019 that she had gained 20 pounds during her hiatus from keto. “I decided to take a break from #keto and live my best carby life. The weight came back fast and furious,” she admitted on December 6. “I know a lot o

Should You Eat Avocados - Or Are They Too High In Fat?

  Where did the concept enter the nutrition field that avocados might not be healthy? A scenario like this happens several times a week in my preventive cardiology clinic : A 43-year old man has his second heart event and adopts a whole food, plant-based diet with no added oils. He thrives on the control it gives him over future cardiac disease. He knows of Drs. Ornish and Esselstyn. When he sees me in my office, he turns to me and asks: "Doc, I love all of this and am devoted. But, can I have half of an avocado a few times a week because I read it is off my menu?" Are avocados healthy? Where did the concept enter the nutrition field, or specifically, the heart disease reversal field, that avocados might not be healthy? Why do the programs that demonstrate the amazing power of plant-based diets to halt and reverse heart disease generally restrict avocados? Low fat diets In a prior article I wrote about the pioneers of plant-based cardiac nutriti

Anti-Inflammatory Diet: What Are The Health Benefits?

  Inflammation has been linked with depression, weight gain, skin issues, Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Now, a new book declares the anti-inflammatory diet a game changer, promising to overhaul your health and happiness, based on solid science with no downsides. The woman behind it is Swedish science journalist Maria Borelius, whose book Health Revolution claims that anti-inflammatory eating can deliver on the promise. In it, she says that following an anti-inflammatory diet – albeit by accident – transformed her physical and mental health, changing her body composition, yes, but also banishing her backache and depression. Heard the claims before? Probably. However, while the foods in this diet are anything but revolutionary, what anti-inflammatory eating can actually teach you could be. What is an inflammatory response? First, a little science. Inflammation is more than something that happens to your toe when you stub it. Normally, it’s a positive thing; the pr

Can't lose weight? The 5 cooking mistakes derailing your diet

  DOING all the right things by cooking healthy meals at home – but still can’t shed the pounds no matter how hard you try? If that applies to you, it could be down to some simple cooking mistakes that are derailing your diet. There are some common cooking mistakes you could be making that might be derailing your diet Top dietitian Susie Burrell has revealed that there are some common mistakes people make at home that pack in the fat, sugar and calories into your 'healthy' home cooked meals. The Sydney-based expert says: "While home cooked food is generally more nutritious and lower in calories than take away and restaurant meals, it can also be exceptionally easy to overdo things in the kitchen without even realising it. "Take oil for example, the amount we regularly see celebrity chefs use on their recipes is often adding more fat to the meal than you need in an entire day." Here, Susie reveals the most common cooking mistakes people make

After Years of Obsessively Counting Calories, I Finally Learned to Trust My Body

  Warning: some things discussed in this personal essay may be triggering to those with a history of disordered eating. Like many people, I fell prey to diet Like many people, I fell prey to diet culture at a young age. When I was just 7, my pediatrician innocuously asked, "So, what do you normally have for lunch?" I told him that my lunch was pretty standard: a sandwich, an apple, some cookies for dessert. He suggested that I "lay off the cookies" for a bit, because even though I had a strong and muscular body from swimming, he was concerned about how much I weighed. Pictures of me at this time in my life show a young girl who is not overweight in the slightest, but that did not stop me from feeling like something was wrong. Throughout high school, I dabbled with diets and diet pills, and by my first year of college, I had a full-blown eating disorder. I was obsessive about counting calories. Between that and excessive exercise, I quickly shrunk to a wei

Kelly Ripa talks health and nutrition: 'It's not just about living longer, it's about living better' Source:

The rise and rise of intuitive eating

Image This trendy diet says we should eat whatever we want whenever our body demands.... Source:

Jenna Jameson Blames 'Hormones' for Weight Gain Struggles While on Keto Diet

Image Jenna Jameson shared another update on her keto diet journey, revealing her hormones are playing a [...] Source:

Kelly Ripa Still Feels 23, but Her Daughter “Helpfully” Reminds Her She Isn’t

Image The 'Live with Kelly and Ryan' host opened up to InStyle about her wellness routine and feeling younger than her years. Source:

Kelly Ripa Kills It In High Heels & Beret: 'When I'm Discovered At Model Land, You'll Be Sorry'

Image Kelly Ripa Talks Being 'Discovered At Model Land' In Heels & Beret Instagram Video Source:

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