Shelah Marie's Meditation Mixtape Is For Black Women Who Don't Feel Represented in Wellness

"This mixtape is for me, you, yo mama, and your cousin, too," Shelah Marie says at the intro of her Meditation Mixtape. Her mixtape is for those who find meditation challenging, those who love reality TV and social media, and those who have an equal love for Vinyasa flow and trap music, she continues."Meditation is a real blanket term for an entire range of healing modalities and experiences," Shelah Marie told POPSUGAR. She's used it to center herself, to access peace and calmness, to combat anxiety, and to rewire negative self-talk and tackle self-limiting beliefs."How I got into meditation is I, like many people, had an upbringing where I felt like my needs weren't met. I didn't feel safe. I was the only Black person in a white environment," Shelah Marie said. Because of this, she grew up having low self-esteem and negative self-talk. In her mid-20s, she experienced a moment in her then-relationship that made her realize she was "reliv…

When Should I Take Creatine?

Creatine is probably the most well-researched supplement on the market today. Numerous studies have found positive adaptations in strength, power and muscle mass thanks to creatine supplementation—especially when it's combined with resistance training.

Although the benefits of creatine are well-known to lifters, the best time to take it isn't common knowledge. Which leads us to some important questions:

  •     Does an optimal time for consuming creatine exist?
  •     If it does, should you take it before or after your workout?

According to a new study published in the Journal of Exercise and Nutrition, the timing of creatine ingestion does indeed play a role in getting bigger and stronger.

Creatine supplementation before resistance training increases muscular strength and lean muscle mass. Interestingly, taking creatine immediately after lifting weights results in greater muscle growth than taking it immediately before. However, in terms of strength gains, no difference between pre- and post-workout ingestion was observed.

How to Use This Information

Unless you're a "non-responder" (an individual for whom exogenous creatine has no effect), taking creatine is better than not taking it. It's one of the few legal supplements out there that has been shown to produce notable strength and size gains time and time again in controlled studies.

As far as loading goes, you've got two equally effective options:

  •     Load up on creatine with around 20 g/day for 5-7 days, or
  •     Take a standard dosage of 3-5 g/day for a month

Both approaches produce similar outcomes. It takes about 30 days of regular doses to reach muscle creatine contents that can be achieved in five days of high loading. The results then normalize going forward. So, your choice of loading protocol comes down to personal preference and how quickly you want to see positive effects. If you plan to use creatine long-term, high loading is not necessary.

With that in mind, to optimize muscle gains, add 5 grams (or 20 grams if you're high loading) of creatine into your post-workout shake or mix it into water right after training. Gulp that drink down and you're all set.



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