5 Umbrellas That Are Yoga-Class Cute

April showers bring... Well, we're not sure what May will bring, but these colorful umbrellas can offer cheer on the dreariest of days.

Getting outside for a brief walk is incredibly important for your mental and physical health during this quarantine, but sometimes the weather doesn't want to cooperate. Now that April showers are upon us, check out these chic umbrellas for a splash of color and fun.

Pieni Unikko Mini Manual, $50, marimekko.com

Marimekko is a Finnish design house focused on adding a pop of color and flair to everyday lifestyle products, so it comes as no surprise that they produce some stylish umbrellas. Their Pieni Unikko Mini Manual umbrella is small enough to fit in a purse and is incredibly lightweight, making it an essential travel companion when the weather is looking gloomy.

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