A Dietitian Explains Why Meal Prepping Snacks Is So Essential - Plus, 5 Healthy Favorites

Meal prep isn't just a huge cost-saver, it can free up loads of time, too. (After all, who wants to cook every night?) And whether or not you've already gotten into the routine of strategizing your meals for the week ahead, you're likely not meal prepping your snacks yet - and you should be.

"Meal prepping snacks helps you not overeat or end up famished by mealtime, causing you to eat more than you normally would," Colleen Christensen, RDN, told POPSUGAR. "By having snacks at the ready, you're preventing yourself from getting overly hungry while nourishing your body with foods that feel good." The best part? Making snacks ahead of time is just as easy as prepping a week's worth of meals - even easier because you can make one or two snacks to recycle throughout the week. Try making a few of of her go-to snacks here!

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