No Weights? No Problem! 16 No Equipment EMOM Workouts You Can Do at Home

With so many of us still preferring to keep our workouts within the home right now, it can get a little bit boring. So, it's a great time to add some variety to your exercise mix. Perfectly complementing your Saturday yoga flow, and your Tuesday core workouts, EMOM routines are everything you didn't know you needed in your life. EMOM is a type of HIIT that targets fat, easily burning calories through its system of short bursts of maximum-effort, followed by short rest breaks. Standing for "every minute on the minute," EMOM means you have a minute to complete the assigned number of reps, using the remainder of the minute to rest. However, if you take the whole minute, you have to go to next exercise with no break (ah, there's always a catch . . . ). The good news is, these workouts are super-effective, and can be done at home with zero equipment. Swipe through to see our favorite EMOM at-home, no-equipment-needed workouts, and try one out for yourself.


A Dietitian's "Rule of Fists" TikTok Trick Makes Balancing Your Macros So Freakin' Easy


having ALL macronutrients present at each meal is the key to a balanced and sustainable diet✨##nutritiontips ##dietitian ##easyrecipe ##PlayWithLife

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If you've ever heard the word "macronutrients" and felt like quietly exiting the chat, we get it - and registered dietitian Corinne Smith, MS, is here to help. Macronutrients (aka macros) are simply the three main nutritional categories of food: carbs, protein, and fat. You need all three in your diet, regardless of your fitness goals. But when it comes to putting food on the plate, the divisions can get a little confusing. How do you create a plate that's balanced between each macro but also satisfying and nutritious? That's where Smith's tip comes in.

In her TikTok, Smith introduces us to the "rule of fists." It's a simple tool to help you create a balanced meal: you use your hands to measure out the amount of each macro on your plate. Here's her rule of fists broken down:

  • Vegetables: two fists. (Note: veggies aren't considered a macronutrient, but they're an essential part of your diet no matter what your goals are!)
  • Protein: one fist.
  • Carbs: one fist.
  • Fat: two thumbs.

It's a useful trick because you can easily eyeball each amount without getting too into the exact measurements, which can be time-consuming, stressful, or triggering for some. Including each macro (plus vegetables) in your meal will also leave you feeling full and satisfied when you're done. Next time you're at a loss for how much protein, carbs, or fats to put on your plate, this could be the right trick to try.



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