Sick of the Same Meals? Get Creative in the Kitchen With These 3 Healthy, Delicious Recipes

Since being stuck indoors for the last few weeks, I've been doing a lot of two things: cooking and looking through photos of the good ol' days when travel was a given. Cooking in particular has been something I'm using as a daily meditation - thinking through recipes and keeping to a schedule have so far been necessary for both my physical and mental health. Plus, it's given me a chance to test out all those healthy recipes I've had on the back burner.

I've actually had a few specific recipes I've been eager to re-create on my own that I first encountered a few months ago on a yoga and clean-eating retreat at the Hudson Valley venue Lundy Farm. The mini retreat was hosted by food and cocktail influencer Patrick Janelle (@aguynamedpatrick) and Wonderful Pistachios - a duo that boded well for the meals to come. Each day, we had dishes like honeynut squash and apple salad, wood-fired covington sweet potatoes, and sweet breakfast kitchari. I was so inspired by the meals from the weekend, I asked Patrick for a few recipes that I could take with me.

Keep reading for my favorite three recipes from Patrick - try them for yourself at home for a little food magic during this crazy time.



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