Shelah Marie's Meditation Mixtape Is For Black Women Who Don't Feel Represented in Wellness

"This mixtape is for me, you, yo mama, and your cousin, too," Shelah Marie says at the intro of her Meditation Mixtape. Her mixtape is for those who find meditation challenging, those who love reality TV and social media, and those who have an equal love for Vinyasa flow and trap music, she continues."Meditation is a real blanket term for an entire range of healing modalities and experiences," Shelah Marie told POPSUGAR. She's used it to center herself, to access peace and calmness, to combat anxiety, and to rewire negative self-talk and tackle self-limiting beliefs."How I got into meditation is I, like many people, had an upbringing where I felt like my needs weren't met. I didn't feel safe. I was the only Black person in a white environment," Shelah Marie said. Because of this, she grew up having low self-esteem and negative self-talk. In her mid-20s, she experienced a moment in her then-relationship that made her realize she was "reliv…

Trader Joe's High-Protein Light Ice Cream Has Us Wondering, "Who's Up For Dessert?"

While we are always in awe of Trader Joe's new products, fresh produce, and seasonal finds, right now we can't seem to get over the brand's high-protein "light" ice cream. With two different reduced-calorie protein-packed flavors to choose from, it really doesn't get much better, does it? Think: indulging in a less fat, fewer calorie, and higher protein dessert all night long . . . Oops, sorry - were we drooling?

The two flavors are Joe-Joe's Cookies & Cream Light Ice Cream and Chocolate Peanut Butter Light Ice Cream, and they feature milk protein concentrate, according to the company's website. Per pint, Cookies & Cream has 20 grams of protein, 310 calories, and seven grams of fat, and you'll find 23 grams of protein, 370 calories, and 12 grams of fat in a pint of Chocolate Peanut Butter. They're sweetened with stevia, cane sugar, and monk fruit extract and contain zero sugar alcohols. Oh, and the best part? Each pint is superaffordable - we're talking less than $3. We'll see you at checkout!

Prices and products may vary by Trader Joe's location.

- Additional reporting by Lauren Harano



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