Cheer's Jerry Harris Will Hype You Up With Mat Talk During This 20-Minute Virtual Workout

Home Work-In Day 31

Who’s ready to get up and WERK!? Star cheerleader, Jerry Harris is leading Friday’s Home Work-In and he’s bringing his best mat talk! So c’mon let’s kick this spirit weekend off right.

Posted by Planet Fitness on Friday, April 17, 2020

If you're relying on virtual workout videos while staying at home, please allow me to add one more to your queue - it's full of motivational mat talk. Jerry Harris from Netflix's Cheer recently teamed up with Planet Fitness to bring a 20-minute workout to Facebook fans, and it's exactly as energetic as you might imagine.

As a competitive cheerleader, Jerry has been through his fair share of demanding practices and he knows exactly what to say to stay positive. He's famous for his spirited dialogue with his Navarro teammates, and his enthusiasm translates perfectly to instructor-mode. Jump into the workout above (you don't need any equipment!) to train like Jerry, with lunges, butt-kickers, crunches, and more.



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