Cook Once, Eat All Week Long With These 15 Healthy Meal-Prep Chicken Recipes

Meal prepping for the week is easier than ever when you have the right recipes. If you want meals full of protein and good-for-you-vitamins, we're here to help. Chicken is such a solid healthy protein option, and the most reliable protein to include in your weekly meal prep. To be totally honest, cooking the same chicken, broccoli, and rice week after week can get really boring, really fast. We're pretty sure you feel the same, so we're swooping in to save the day. We searched far and wide to branch out from the basics and pulled together the best meal-prep-ready chicken recipes that are as delicious as they are nutritious. You'll find pasta, fajitas, chicken salad, and many more, all with one thing in common: they make at least four servings and can be refrigerated or frozen so they are ready to eat throughout the week. We're ready to dig in. Are you?

- Additional reporting by Lauren Harano



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