Coronavirus Daily Digest: April 27, 2020

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A roundup of the latest news about COVID-19

The world’s death toll could be 60% higher than has been reported. Social distancing measures here should last through the summer. And New Zealand declares victory against the virus. Here’s what happened over the weekend at home and around the world:

  • The world saw a large jump in the number of confirmed cases over the weekend -- we’re close to 3 million now. We hit a sad milestone in the number of deaths, too, sailing past the 200,000 mark to over 207,000 this morning. But 870,000 people have recovered. In the U.S. we also saw our numbers go up substantially in three days, to almost 966,000 confirmed cases, close to 55,000 deaths, and 107,000 recoveries.
  • An analysis of the world’s mortality statistics finds the death toll could be 60% higher than official number show.
  • Dr. Deborah Birx of the White House’s coronavirus task force said the U.S. needs a “breakthrough” on antigen testing to aid in reopening. She expects social distancing measures to last through the summer.
  • The CDC added six additional symptoms to its COVID-19 list.
  • While the White House prepares expanded guidelines for reopening the country in phases, several states are already weighing how and when to reopen. In Georgia, restaurants and movie theaters are allowed to reopen today, joining salons and other businesses permitted to reopen on Friday. See a state-by-state breakdown here.
  • The coronavirus is ravaging one of the country’s wealthiest black communities.
  • Tyson Foods warned in full-page ads in major newspapers that "the food supply chain is breaking."
  • Hospitals in New York are administering heartburn medicine to see if it helps fight the virus. Another approach: More men than women are dying of COVID-19. Could female sex hormones save them?
  • One man spent 32 days on a ventilator. Doctors’ relentless effort to save him was a roller-coaster of devastating and triumphant twists.  
  • The World Health Organization warned there’s no proof that recovered patients are immune to a second infection.
  • New Zealand says it has won the battle against community transmission of the disease. Elsewhere, nearly 2 million Australians downloaded an app intended to help trace the spread of the virus, Russia’s total number of confirmed cases crept over 87,000, surpassing China’s, and Italy is preparing a staged reopening after the virus tore through the country.
  • After being hospitalized with COVID-19, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson returned to work today.
  • Quarantined for the end of senior year, high schoolers are heading online for isolation proms.
  • In case you missed it: Dr. Anthony Fauci joked that Brad Pitt should play him on Saturday Night Live. This weekend, Pitt obliged.
  • People are finding ways to ease the boredom of lockdown. In Hawaii, a mayor entertains his citizens with videos of him dancing or making ice cream. In Brooklyn, a man plays regular accordion concerts on his stoop.



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