Instead of Gaining the Freshman 15, Aimée Actually Lost Weight Her First Semester

College life often doesn't seem compatible with weight loss. Between the stress, the new schedules and living arrangements, and the potentially limited options for eating and cooking, it's no wonder so many students gain what's become known as the freshman 15. But that wasn't the case for Aimée La Fountain. In fact, it was the exact opposite.

When Aimée headed to college in the Fall of 2005, she'd been struggling to lose weight for a while without much success. The new habits and attitudes she formed during those first few months changed everything. She lost nearly 20 pounds during that time, and while some may not consider that a dramatic weight loss, it made a big difference. "I'm only 5'0" tall, so in my case, it was significant and noticeable to people who knew me before college," she told POPSUGAR.

A couple months into her first semester, Aimée noticed her weight loss the same way many of us do: by the fit of her clothes. "I dropped at least three pant sizes, depending on the brand," she said. "I also lost about five inches in my chest." Aimée's weight loss didn't involve any fad diets or unhealthy practices, nor was it a fluke. Nearly 15 years later, she has kept most of the weight off and continued living a healthy and active lifestyle. "The jeans in the photo [above] are a tad tight on me now, but I can still wear them!" she said. Read on to learn how her weight-loss journey started, one hike to class at a time.



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