New to Fitness, and Want a Stronger Core? Check Out These Beginner Ab Workout Videos

Ever experience a deep belly laugh, put away groceries, or sit up straight when someone told you to pay more attention? We're guessing you have - and you're using your abs for all of that. They stabilize your posture, play a role in daily functions, and help you walk, twist, etc. That's why working on your core is important: it's not just for looks.

You can learn how to engage your core by pulling your belly button in toward your spine. Here are core-activating exercises to practice. For workouts that are on the easier side and by definition low-impact, check out the videos ahead.

They're all relatively short, require zero equipment, and are made for people just starting out at, or getting back to, a beginner level. One is also a standing ab routine, and we've included a gentle yoga flow for the abdominal wall as well. Find an open space and a mat if need be, and get to work! (Plus, when you feel ready, try these follow-along plank challenges.)



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