Sick of Cooking? Daily Harvest's $9 Flatbreads Will Make You Feel Like a Chef

I was skeptical at first to try Daily Harvest because of my previous experience with frozen meal delivery services. However, when I tried the service a couple months ago, I loved the delicious, chef-crafted products, including overnight oats, soups, smoothies, grain bowls, and even matcha lattes. After becoming a smoothie-in-the-morning type of person who enjoys these preportioned frozen meals, I was excited to try Daily Harvest's new flatbreads in three flavors: Artichoke + Spinach, Kale + Coriander, and Tomato + Cremini. Like the rest of the brand's recipes, these flatbreads are organic and gluten-free, which worked in my favor because not eating gluten is my only dietary restriction.

My flatbreads arrived in a simple white box, which is 100-percent compostable and recyclable along with all the meal packaging. Just like the rest of the products that I've tried before, the preparation for the flatbreads couldn't have been easier. If you're a cheese-lover, you can add your favorite cheese. But if you don't like cheese or have dietary restrictions with dairy, the ingredients on the veggie crusts are so delicious on their own that you don't even need to make any additions. Just pop the flatbread in the oven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes.

The Artichoke + Spinach Flatbread With Broccoli Crust tastes like a healthy version of a roasted artichoke white pie. It's not overwhelming and has a tahini white sauce made with cauliflower. Topped with roasted red cabbage, kale, and cilantro sauce, the Kale + Coriander Flatbread With Sweet Potato Crust has more of a sweetness to it. My personal favorite, the Tomato + Cremini Flatbread With Cauliflower Crust, tastes like a red sauce pie. Topped with cremini mushrooms, asparagus, and sweet roasted red onions, this flatbread is good with or without cheese.

Designed for the times when you are sick of cooking and just looking for a quick and healthy option, each flatbread has a real vegetable crust (made from cauliflower, broccoli, or sweet potato) topped with various vegetables and a savory sauce. Compare that to other vegetable-based pizza crusts on the market, which may contain a laundry list of processed ingredients.

As a pizza-lover who's trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I really enjoyed these flatbreads. Even though I wouldn't consider Daily Harvest the cheapest option out there (starting at $9 per flatbread), I see myself ordering more flatbreads from the company, as it might be cheaper (and definitely healthier) than some other takeout options. Either way, it's always good when you can finish a flatbread that tastes good and doesn't upset your stomach.

Disclaimer: Daily Harvest sent me these meals at no cost, but all opinions are my own.



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