Stay Fit at Home With This 35-Minute Full-Body No-Equipment Workout

Wherever you are, you can get in an intense and challenging full-body workout using just bodyweight exercises. Don't believe me? Try this no-equipment strength-and-cardio workout from NASM-certified personal trainer and CrossFit Level 2 coach Nikki Pepper.

Pepper specializes in functional strength training, Olympic weightlifting, and gymnastics, and this workout will help you improve your balance and coordination and build strength. Although this workout involves six basics moves, you'll still be left sweaty and sore. I tried this fun, fast-paced workout, and my shoulders and thighs immediately felt completely toasted. Put on some loud, heart-thumping music and let's get after it!

35-Minute At-Home Bodyweight Workout

Equipment needed: none

Directions: After a five-minute dynamic warmup, complete five rounds of the following workout. You will perform each exercise for 45 seconds followed by a 15-second rest. After the workout, do this 10-minute stretching routine. Read on for directions on how to do each exercise.

Minute Exercise
1 Air squat: 45 seconds followed by 15-second rest
2 Mountain climbers: 45 seconds followed by 15-second rest
3 Alternating reverse lunge: 45 seconds followed by 15-second rest
4 Push-up: 45 seconds followed by 15-second rest
5 Burpee: 45 seconds followed by 15-second rest
6 Alternating plank shoulder tap: 45 seconds followed by 15-second rest
7 60-second rest



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