Try Hayley Williams's Living Room Cardio Workout For a 4-Minute Pop Punk Danceathon

Hayley Williams, aka the frontwoman of Paramore, released her first solo album earlier this month and decided to do our favorite form of self-promotion: leading a workout set to her song "Over Yet."

"Here's an exercise routine so short that you don't even need to put your hair up in a ponytail," Williams says by way of introduction. And she proves herself right, doing the full three-plus minute workout with her hair down (and while wearing denim shorts and leopard-patterned tights). The choreography, which includes jabs, jumping jacks, and high knees, was created by the Emilia Richardson, the founder of LA-based dance aerobics class Pony Sweat. The workouts are described as "fiercely noncompetitive" and focused on inclusion and acceptance, "a dance-exercise class that feels like dancing in your bedroom." And that's exactly what we love about Williams's workout; it has us wanting to push the couch aside and jump around our living rooms. Check out the full routine above for some high-energy, heart-pumping cardio!



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