Want Off the Mat? Check Out These Easy-to-Follow Ab Workouts You Can Do Standing Up

If you are dealing with an injury, don't have too much space, or aren't super keen on moving around, there are plenty of ab circuits you can do entirely lying down. Sometimes, though, you just don't feel like doing crunches or a series of endless planks. Sometimes you're in need of variety - and keeping it interesting is the key to making exercise that much more fun.

High knees, standing side crunches, wood chops, ball slams, and more work your abs on your feet. Ahead, check out a list of standing ab workout videos you can get through right at home. Perhaps you need something quick to do while waiting for your pasta to boil, are looking for a midsection burn mid-Netflix binge (cheers to you, Tiger King), or want to tack on an ab burner to the end of your sweat session. These will certainly do the trick! What are you waiting for?

Source: https://ift.tt/2wjcAEf


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