Why You Shouldn't Worry About Stress Eating, Overeating, or Gaining Weight Right Now

We are all experiencing varying degrees of stress, worry, fear, and emotions right now. With the uncertainty and isolation this pandemic is bringing, I've looked to social media for positivity and inspiration, and was totally stunned to see so much crap joking about gaining the "quarantine 15," tips to "stop raiding your kitchen," or how to get a handle on emotional eating. Holy sh*t.

Do we not have actual serious things to worry about? Like, how will I work from home and homeschool my children for months? What if I can't afford food? What if I get sick and hospitals can't care for me? What if a loved one gets sick, or even dies? What if I never see my parents again?

With all of our lists of worries and fears, there's no need to add even more stress and anxiety to an already super stressful and scary time by adding "Will I gain weight?" to your list. We asked registered dietitians who specialize in intuitive eating and antidieting to help alleviate your concerns about why you shouldn't care about gaining weight right now.

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