Create a Practice to Uplift Your Spirit, Inspire Creativity, and Calm Your Nervous System

Live Be Yoga Ambassador Monica Cadena shares an inspiring morning practice with her spiritual teacher and life coach Dayana Mendoza.Before I met my life coach and current roommate Dayana Mendoza—just days before quarantine hit here in the Bay Area—I was overwhelmed with the frenzy of life and work. A spiritual teacher with a background in plant medicine wisdom, indigenous Columbian spirituality, and meditation, Dayana has invited me to begin each morning in mindful movement, meditation and grounding exercises to promote balance, calm, and creativity throughout my day.See alsoHow to Meditate Even If You Struggle to Sit StillIf you would like to tap in with Dayana, watch this meditation video for a quick morning practice to uplift your day and inspire creativity while calming the nervous system. This year, Yoga Journal's annual ambassador road trip—the Live Be Yoga Tour—is going virtual. We are calling it The Decompression. Recently, we’ve all been asked to journey inward, to take m…

4 Ways Your Vote Could Help Shape the Future of Mental Health Care

On Nov. 3, 2020, we'll head to the polls to vote for the national, state, and local candidates that best represent our values. There are many important issues to consider, including climate change, a fledgling economy, and healthcare. The latter includes access to treatment for mental illness, and while you don't often hear it mentioned on the debate stage, it's important to know where candidates stand on policies tied to mental health, if this issue is important to you.

Most candidates have a great deal of information about their policies and proposals on their websites, so start by checking there. If any of the issues ahead are conspicuously absent from their healthcare plans, contact your representatives to ask them where they stand and if they're willing to commit to supporting policies that could save lives.

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