Got 5 Minutes? Work Your Core With This Trainer's At-Home Plank Challenge

Trainer Heather Robertson is, in my opinion, one of the best fitness professionals on YouTube (we rounded up ten of these channels here). She posts a wide range of at-home workouts - HIIT, lower body, abs, etc. - paired with fun music. A session posted on May 2 is around four and a half minutes of different exercises in a plank position that she calls your "at-home plank challenge." Are you up for it?

Sure, holding a plank for over four minutes sounds difficult - and it absolutely is - but Robertson will have you moving through a series of variations that you'll be completing for 30 seconds each. You'll be doing basic elbow plank, side plank, plank toe tap (like single-leg plank jack), plank rock, and more. "The goal is to keep proper form the entire time and avoid letting the knees, hips, or booty touch the ground until the end!" Robertson writes in the video description. Once you're done with your planks, she will lead you through a quick cooldown.

Want more core work? Robertson has another plank challenge from last year you can try, and here are more plank workouts from YouTube. A strong core isn't just important for exercise; it's also important for everyday function. Plus, it doesn't take a ton of time to effectively work your core, so press play on the challenge above or any of the other videos we've linked to. You'll be glad you did!



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