A Fall Equinox Flow For Finding Your Balance

9 soothing yoga poses to help you ground and center while honoring the seasonal shift.The 2020 fall equinox is on September 22. Aside from being a regular seasonal and astrological shift, this time of year also has a strong practical and spiritual significance.These final days of summer carry an energy of brilliant abundance, bountiful gardens, perfect sunsets, and a satisfying feeling of completion. In a simpler society, this was the time to take stock of the harvest, draw inward, and preserve resources for the coming winter.Over the years, I’ve shaped my yoga and spiritual teachings around these primal and innate connections to the Earth’s consciousness. By deepening our awareness of these seasonal energies and planetary shifts, we are connecting to something larger. We are plugging into the inherent wisdom of the Earth. We can utilize that connection in our spiritual and self-care practices.For an eco-friendly yoga mat for your practice, try Ajna Eco Organic Yoga MatHarnessing Fall…

Static Stretching Before a Run May be Making You a Slower Runner - Try This Warmup Instead

You just got a new pair of running shoes, you've made a Grammy-worthy playlist, and now you're ready to pound the pavement. But before you jump into that 30-minute run, you've got to make sure your muscles and joints are warmed up and ready for the impact in order to prevent injury and to have an efficient run. You may think that statically stretching your hamstrings and quadriceps will do the job, but according to Vinh Pham, DPT, founder of Myodetox and Asystem's director of recovery, it's not the best way to warm up.

"I would say that dynamic stretches are best," Pham told POPSUGAR, because they allow you to move your joints and muscles through a full range of motion. He also prefers dynamically stretching before runs because research has shown that static stretching can decrease your strength and power output, negatively impacting your performance. If you do want to statically stretch before a run, Pham recommends doing it 30 minutes to an hour before your run to prevent a decrease in your muscular strength and power.

You may think you only need to stretch your legs, but Pham explained it's important to also stretch your upper body - specifically the chest, shoulders, and thoracic spine (located in your upper back/abdomen region) – because it will help you swing your arms properly, which can prevent your back, hips, and legs from overworking. Additionally, research has found that when you swing your arms, you can save three to 13 percent of energy.

Moral of the story: properly warming up before you run is important because it will prevent injury and will make you a more efficient runner! There are a variety of dynamic exercises you can do to warm up, and Pham provided us with four of his favorites that will get your muscles and joints ready to work. Check them out ahead.

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