Working Out at Home? Here Are 8 Low-Impact Cardio Routines That'll Leave You Drenched

Look, I'm all about the jumping, sprinting, high-impact cardio when I'm exercising outside or in my gym's studio. But when it comes to working out in my apartment, when one wrong burpee could send me crashing into my downstairs neighbors' living room? Not the best idea.

Recently, I've gotten really into low-impact YouTube cardio workouts. I know, I know - you love your burpees, your star jumps, your jumping jacks. But I'm here to tell you that when those jumpy, intense moves are off the table, low-impact workouts can make you break a sweat just as well. Try one of the following eight workout videos to see for yourself; you're guaranteed to spike your heart rate and save your floorboards while giving your joints a break, too.



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