7 things that can stand in the way of weight loss

Certain habits can hinder your attempts to lose weight - and keep it away.
If you've changed your eating habits to focus on healthier foods and taken your workout seriously, you can expect to lose weight. However, the reality is that despite what you may have believed, weight loss is more complicated than calorie consumption versus calorie consumption. If you are trying to lose weight, check these habits that may interfere with your efforts.
1. You save on protein.
If you normally eat a muffin or avocado toast for breakfast, you may need to increase your protein intake. Research has shown that a high-protein breakfast can help alleviate hunger, so you may be less tempted to have a morning snack.
Protein is also important at lunch and dinner. If you routinely eat salads or sip gazpacho without accompanying protein - such as boiled egg, yogurt, beans, meat, poultry, or fish - over time, this can lead to a decrease in muscle tissue, which means that your metabolism will slow down and mak…

Get Sweaty With Jeanette Jenkins's Total-Body Circuit - You Just Need One Set of Dumbbells

Grab a pair of dumbbells and your positive attitude and follow along to this total-body circuit workout from celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins. It's made up of 10 dynamic moves to strengthen your legs, butt, core, arms, and back.

Total-Body Dumbbell and Cardio Circuit

Equipment needed: a set of medium-weight dumbbells.

Directions: Jenkins said to complete each of these 10 exercise for 30 to 60 seconds for two to three sets. If you do 60 seconds for three rounds, that's an 18-minute workout!

  • Lateral triple step
  • Dumbbell hollow hold with flutter kick
  • Extend arms overhead dumbbell hollow hold with flutter kick
  • Goblet squat
  • Front kick and touch ground
  • Stationary lunge and shoulder press
  • Single leg deadlift and back row
  • Push-up and squat and shoulder press
  • Side kick to squat touch down
  • Squat jacks

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