Tragic Math: The U.S. Exceeds 200,000 COVID-19 Deaths

Body count has long been the yardstick by which we measure calamity. There were the 58,000 U.S. lives lives lost in the Vietnam war; the 1,496 souls who perished on the Titanic. In the hours after the September 11 attacks, when the death toll was not known, then-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani famously said, “The number of casualties will be more than any of us can bear, ultimately.”We are, once again, trying to bear the unbearable as the U.S. today surpassed 200,000 deaths caused in the still-rampaging COVID-19 pandemic. We remain, as we have long been, the world’s hardest-hit country, with just 4% of the global population but roughy 21% of both deaths and overall cases; it’s a dubious distinction that was fast in coming.
It was not long ago, on Feb. 29, that the U.S.’s first COVID-19 death was recorded, in Washington state. By March 29, the death count had exceeded the 2,977 people who ultimately did die in the 9/11 attacks. At that time, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Inst…

Get Your Body Moving and Shaking to This Badass "Rain on Me" Cardio Dance Routine

Put your hair into a high ponytail because this cardio dance workout set to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande's "Rain on Me" already has us working up a sweat. Since its release, the catchy song has inspired an entire TikTok dance craze that challenges people to recreate Gaga and Grande's moves from the video, but this choreography routine kicks the challenge up a notch with a few extra moves. From high jumps and fist pumps to hip rolls and full-body shimmies, this routine has us feeling like we're in a music video. See the dance video here, and if the song is still stuck in your head, check out this full-body workout set to "Rain on Me" to squeeze in a few more cardio-friendly dance moves.

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