I Was Diagnosed With PCOS and Then Undiagnosed 3 Years Later

I was sitting on the uncomfortable, crinkly paper of the check-up table at my pediatrician's office. "When did you get your last period?" she asked."Uh, like sometime in eighth grade. Maybe April 2016?""No, not your first one. When was your most recent period?""April 2016 . . . "I was 17 and had only ever had my period once. Throughout adolescence, this had never seemed to worry my pediatrician much. She would blame my missing periods on my being really athletic, or tell me I could try to eat more soy to help get things going. But at 17, she finally recommended I get some blood work done and schedule an appointment with a gynecologist.After asking just a few questions, the gynecologist diagnosed me with polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS. I didn't have any of the physical symptoms usually associated with PCOS, and she diagnosed me so quickly that it made me nervous. But suddenly, I apparently had a medical condition to explain why my p…

How Not To Say Yes When You Really Mean No

Say no and you get fewer commitments, less hassle — but it could also get you more, like a raise or promotion. Depends on how you wield it.

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