A Fall Equinox Flow For Finding Your Balance

9 soothing yoga poses to help you ground and center while honoring the seasonal shift.The 2020 fall equinox is on September 22. Aside from being a regular seasonal and astrological shift, this time of year also has a strong practical and spiritual significance.These final days of summer carry an energy of brilliant abundance, bountiful gardens, perfect sunsets, and a satisfying feeling of completion. In a simpler society, this was the time to take stock of the harvest, draw inward, and preserve resources for the coming winter.Over the years, I’ve shaped my yoga and spiritual teachings around these primal and innate connections to the Earth’s consciousness. By deepening our awareness of these seasonal energies and planetary shifts, we are connecting to something larger. We are plugging into the inherent wisdom of the Earth. We can utilize that connection in our spiritual and self-care practices.For an eco-friendly yoga mat for your practice, try Ajna Eco Organic Yoga MatHarnessing Fall…

I Finally Started Using Yoga Blocks, and My Flexibility Is Actually Improving

I used to resist my need for blocks in yoga classes. Even though all of my instructors encouraged the use of props, I couldn't help but feel weak compared to those doing Standing Split without a yoga block - or any wobbling. For the record, my instructors also discouraged me from comparing my practice to someone else's, but I still struggled with it - up until recently, anyway.

A few weeks into social distancing, I decided that yoga would serve me well in a few different capacities - the practice would help me stay present, lower my stress levels, and give me an opportunity to gently move my body in exercise. After just one virtual class, I realized that if I wanted to practice poses like Half Moon or Warrior 3 and truly improve my flexibility and balance, I was going to need to listen to my instructors' advice and invest in a set of blocks. So, I added two Gaiam Yoga Blocks to my shopping cart.

Whether I was taking a beginner flow or an intermediate Power Yoga, I grabbed my blocks to assist a stretch I couldn't quite reach, or to give me stability while I attempted to balance on one foot. Only two weeks into incorporating yoga blocks to my daily fitness routine, my flexibility has noticeably improved. Because I'm able to anchor my hands into the blocks, I can lift my leg higher into the air during Half Moon. Touching the floor in poses like Forward Fold even feels easier.

After chatting with Tess Koenig, a yoga instructor based in New York City, I learned that my former feelings regarding yoga blocks are actually quite common. "Yoga blocks are often seen as a source of weakness, when in reality these props are absolutely there to help you into all types and levels of postures, whether you're a beginner or an advanced yogi," she told me. "Blocks serve many uses in our yoga practice, but the most common benefits I see are allowing students to execute the fullest expression of a pose and making full extension of the leg possible."

One day, I hope to master a prop-less Standing Split - and I know that regular practice with my new yoga blocks will help me get there.

Source: https://ift.tt/2NmdSDO


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