Coronavirus, the Butterfly Effect, and the Myth of Your Insignificance

Contributing editor Jennifer Davis-Flynn reflects on the reverberating and unpredictable effects of acts of harm and love during a global pandemic. Plus, self-care practices to fuel your compassion.It’s easy to feel helpless and insignificant during the best of times. These are not those times.2020 is unrecognizable from 2019. We are afraid of strangers and crowds for new, potentially deadly reasons. We are untethered from our comforting routines. We are frightened by the very real loss of our livelihood, our health, and our loved ones.Every day, we wonder, when will the pandemic end? Every day, we struggle to make plans and envision a future. We are wayfinding with the only resources we have: intuition and discernment. There is no other way to move forward, when it feels like no one is coming to save us.The Butterfly Effect is a founding principle of Chaos TheoryAnd yet...A surprise wildflower on my deckIn May, I planted four sheets of seed paper that I got from a local restaurant, i…

If You've Got Tight Shoulders, Hips, and Muscles, These 9 Poses Will Stretch Them Out

Take a moment and do a quick body scan. Are your shoulders rounded and up by your ears? How do your hips feel? Have you been sitting all day? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could benefit from taking a moment to show your body some TLC. Whether you're feeling tightness in your shoulders, hips, or back, your muscles and alignment are probably a little out of whack. We rounded up yoga-teacher-approved stretches that will help you relax and improve your posture if performed consistently. Check them out ahead.

- Additional reporting by Lizzie Fuhr



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