I've Been Searching For Cheap Bike Shorts, and Old Navy Has Them With 1,000+ Reviews

Whether I'm going on a run in my neighborhood or starting my day off by walking to get a cup of coffee, when I get dressed, the only thing I want to wear is a pair of bike shorts. From an aesthetic standpoint, the idea of wearing a simple long-sleeved tee with biker shorts, an oversize sweatshirt that comes down to almost my knee, or even a blazer over bike shorts all sound like a stylish and comfortable dream. But the real reason I can't stop reaching for them is because they're the perfect option for warm-weather workouts.

I love the feeling of wearing a compression legging for interval training, but when it's warm outside, those leggings become unbearably hot. Shorts are obviously great to run in, but they can bunch easily and typically come with laughable pockets that hold a stick of gum at best. Bike shorts are the perfect answer because they offer the snugness of a tight, and best of all, they don't chafe (as someone who played volleyball for decades in itty-bitty spandex shorts, inner-thigh chafing is a huge no-no for me).

Whether you're looking to pick up a pair of bike shorts for running or lounging around in, Old Navy has the best options for all of your activities. See our top picks.

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