Yep, There's a Reason Your Feet Are Always Cold

Some people just have cold feet, in the literal sense. Are you most comfortable wearing UGGs, even in the spring? Does your partner complain about your ice-cold toes brushing up against their shins during the night? If your feet are always cold, there's an explanation. We talked to Danielle DesPrés, DPM, a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon and podiatrist, to learn more.Dr. DesPrés told POPSUGAR that it's not uncommon to have cold feet some of the time, but if it's constant, there may be an underlying condition that's causing it. She suggested speaking with your doctor if cold feet is a recurrent problem for you.What Are Some Common Causes of Cold Feet?Dr. DesPrés said that poor circulation is one of the most common causes of cold feet. "As the arteries move away from the heart and into the legs and feet, they progressively become smaller and more easily blocked with fatty plaque," she explained. "Since the arteries going to the feet are the smallest…

Katelyn Ohashi Took On a Marine Corps Obstacle Course and Crushed It, of Course

We know and love Katelyn Ohashi from her showstopping floor routines as a UCLA gymnast and her outspokenness about the issues close to her, from body shaming to student-athlete compensation. She graduated in 2019, but it looks like the perfect 10s prepared her well for a very different kind of challenge: the US Marine Corps Obstacle Course, the same course used by Marines to train and test their fitness.

Ohashi took on the challenge with YouTuber and active-duty sailor Austen Alexander, completing a wall climb and rope climb, multiple log jumps, and some complicated bar moves that called on major upper-body strength. Her experience as a gymnast came in handy when it came to flipping around the bars, hauling herself up the rope, and, of course, the backflip at the end that we think should be one of the official requirements. Ohashi took a couple tumbles and needed a leg up from time to time, but given that many of the obstacles are about two feet taller than she is, we think she crushed it. Watch the full video above!



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