10 YouTube Workouts That Will Have Your Leg Muscles Burning in Just 30 Minutes

Some people adore leg day, others dread it, and there are some of us who stand somewhere in the middle. Regardless of the stance you take, however, working out your legs is super important. They are carrying us through life, after all. Plus, exercising your leg muscles can be a game changer not only for your fitness but also for your everyday life. Even if you're not a marathon runner or cyclist, simple activities like walking up stairs, lifting heavy objects, and even standing can be made easier with the increased strength and balance you gain from working your lower body.

You don't need a leg-press machine or stair climber to work out your legs, either. In fact, all you'll need is a laptop or smart device to stream these incredible YouTube workouts and the physical space to follow along. These effective 30-minute lower-body workouts will help strengthen and tone your calves, your glutes, and everything in between!

via POPSUGAR Fitness


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