15 Playlists on Spotify That Will Help You Crush Your Next Cardio Workout

Sweat drips down my face and lower back. My muscles are shaky; my breathing is shallow and unsteady. The only thing getting me through this intense workout? Lizzo's "Good as Hell" blasting through my AirPods. Lizzo doesn't know it, but she has gotten me through some challenging squats, impossible runs, and the ever-dreaded burpees. So has Taylor Swift, and Drake, and the Jonas Brothers, and Beyoncé, and many, many others.

Music brings life into a workout, helping you go from tired and grouchy to pumped up and excited. The right song can carry you through that last mile, or help you get those few extra reps in - motivation that's sometimes desperately needed on cardio day. Try out one of these fast-paced cardio workout playlists on Spotify the next time you're ready to take your jump squats to the next level.

via POPSUGAR Fitness


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