I Could Watch This Skater's Graceful Longboard Dancing Videos All Day and Never Get Bored

It's tough enough to balance on a skateboard as is, so imagine doing it while dancing (yep, dancing) across the board. That's what longboard dancers do, combining athleticism with grace to create artistic, mesmerizing clips and routines filled with spins, board flips, and side-to-side flow. It's a style that grew out of '80s-style skateboarding and longboard surfing, and the free-flowing movements combine perfectly with chill, rhythmic music. For proof, just watch a few videos of German skater Giulia Alfeo.

Whether she's skating by the Seine in Paris or down a beach-side street in Portugal, Alfeo's clips capture a soothing and mesmerizing mood that makes you want to replay them over and over. A sponsored athlete, Alfeo has won longboard-dancing competitions and puts on workshops to teach this artistic form of skating, so she really knows what she's doing, and it shows in these gorgeous routines. Keep scrolling to watch a few of our favorites!

via POPSUGAR Fitness


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