Use Yoga to Improve Your Golf Game

Improve your golf swing with these targeted poses for core strength and upper-back mobility.

A powerful and accurate golf swing needs strong core muscles and good upper-back mobility. These before-and-after sequences include spinal rotations and poses to build core stability to help you play optimally and reduce the risk of common golfing injuries—often involving knee, shoulder, and back pain.

Warm-Up Sequence 

Poses that involve spinal rotations are especially important for golf players, to help correct any imbalance resulting from repeatedly rotating in one direction. These six poses gradually warm up your spine, wrists, and shoulders.

Cooldown Sequence

These six seated and floor poses will help you stretch out your wrists and decompress your spine and hips post-game.

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Stay Young With Yoga by Nicola Jane Hobbs

Excerpted from Stay Young With Yoga by Nicola Jane Hobbs, Published by Bloomsbury Publishing, 2020, Text copyright © Nicola Jane Hobbs, 2020, Original photography © Glen Burrows, 2020

Source: Yoga Journal


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