Your First Breathwork Practice Will Be Eye-Opening - Here Are 5 Tips to Guide the Way

Put simply, breathwork is any kind of breathing exercise or technique, or any type of intentional change you make to your breathing rhythm. "It starts with the conscious changing with the pattern of your breath," said Millana Snow, an energy healer, breathwork teacher, and founder of Wellness Official. All of us are breathing, all the time, every day, but when you do breathwork, "You're choosing a specific pattern that you repeat over and over again," Snow told POPSUGAR. "You can ultimately alter the state of not just your body, but also your mind, your emotions, and your energetic and spiritual state."

It sounds like a tall order for something as simple as breathing, but the science is there to back it up: studies have shown evidence of the positive mental and physical effects of breathwork, even recommending it to college students in need of a mental boost. "It's kind of having a new resurgence, with people recognizing how powerful it is," Snow said. "It's an ancient, ancient form of altering your state."

There are multiple approaches to breathwork and practices to try, with some focused on specific goals like relieving stress or anxiety, but whatever approach you try, you're in for a valuable and revelatory experience, Snow said. Ahead, read up on her four tips for approaching your first breathwork practice, including what to expect and a simple, effective technique you can try right now.

via POPSUGAR Fitness


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