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Whole grains or no grains? Food labels can be misleading

Food labels contain a wealth of information: calories, serving size, and the amounts of fat, sugar, vitamins, and fiber contained in a food, among other things. But do consumers know how to effectively use this information? A recent study showed that some consumers are struggling, especially when it comes to understanding whole grains. Recent study highlights consumer confusion For the study , published in Public Health Nutrition , researchers conducted two experiments to examine consumer understanding of whole grains on food labels. The research, which focused on food labels on bread, cereal, and crackers, was done online and involved more than 1,000 adults. In the first experiment, researchers displayed pairs of products with different amounts of whole grains (based on the ingredients list and fiber content), sugar, and salt on mocked-up Nutrition Facts panels. One of the products contained a good amount of whole grains but made no claims on the front of the package. The other pro

How Jennifer Lopez Inspired Me to Love My Body, Curves and All

Halfway through my freshman year of high school, it seemed like my body completely changed overnight. Suddenly, I had thicker thighs and a noticeably bigger butt that I struggled to squeeze into my jeans. The rest of my body remained slim and petite, but let's just say my booty really popped. As I desperately looked around for someone else who was experiencing this awkward transformation, I realized the other girls in my class weren't shaped like me . My body became a source of all kinds of unwanted attention. While guys who barely looked at me before sexualized my newfound curves, girls who were supposed to be my friends shamed me. "Your butt is so much bigger than the rest of your body," my friend pointed out, laughing, as I walked ahead of her to the cafeteria. "It looks so weird and it jiggles when you walk." The words hit me like a ton of bricks. I was mortified. Even as I write this so many years later, I can still vividly recall how uncomfortable my

We Need One Million More Volunteers for the COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

We need one million more citizens to volunteer for the COVID-19 vaccine trials . Almost half a million Americans have signed up to be part of the clinical trials, but in order to complete the study, the COVID-19 Prevention Network —formed by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) at the U.S. National Institutes of Health—will need more volunteers, and especially more volunteers from diverse backgrounds. The sooner the clinical trials finish accruing patients the sooner we will have results of the vaccine studies. I am a cancer doctor, but like many doctors and researchers have been called in to assist in any way we can to help the effort to fight COVID-19. We are all seeing too much suffering from this devastating virus. While there are many clinical trials across the country working on treatments for COVID-19 and prevention strategies, few are as important as our national vaccine effort. I teamed with David Ellison, a Hollywood producer, and his amaz

Back Spasms Got You Down? Learning to Relax Your Pelvic Floor Muscles Might Help

If you suffer from frequent back spasms or urination or, on the flip-side, have difficulty urinating, there's a chance you might have a tight or overactive pelvic floor . Most people are unaware that their pelvic floor is the problem, which is actually not an uncommon issue. Yet, understanding how to relax your pelvic floor muscles is essential to maintaining a healthy bladder, rectum, and reproductive organs, Diane Thomas , MD, an urogynecology specialist in California, told POPSUGAR. The good news is, learning how to relax your pelvic floor isn't rocket science, but it will take patience, dedication, and time. Why do my pelvic floor muscles feel tight? The pelvic floor is a collection of muscles and ligaments that support the organs of the lower abdomen and helps them function, and proper pelvic floor control it crucial for the bladder, bowels, rectum, uterus, vagina, and prostate. This is why a dysfunctioning pelvic floor is so important to address. The origin behind

My Body Reacted Differently to the Copper vs. the Hormonal IUD, So I Asked 2 Doctors Why

Editor's Note: We at POPSUGAR recognize that people of many genders and identities have vaginas and uteruses, not just those who are women. For this particular story, we interviewed experts who generally referred to people with vaginas and uteruses as women. When I was first introduced to the world of intrauterine devices (IUDs) , I had decided that I no longer wanted to take birth-control pills and had began looking for alternative birth-control methods that were not susceptible to human error. In my search, I came across the copper IUD called ParaGard: a hormone-free birth-control option that would be implanted in my uterus and stay there for many years, reliably blocking the fertilization of eggs without any further work on my end. After a few years of having the ParaGard, however, I noticed that my menstrual flow changed to a heavier period with more painful cramps, and - although I loved this form of birth control for its efficiency - I personally needed to try another op

Serena Williams Withdraws From French Open, and Tsvetana Pironkova Advances by Walkover

Serena Williams , a three-time French Open singles title holder, withdrew from the 2020 French Open due to a left Achilles injury that she sustained at the US Open weeks prior. This caused her would-be opponent, Bulgarian Tsvetana Pironkova, to advance by walkover. Williams said in a news conference that while she was able to "somewhat" nurse her injury between her Sept. 10 US Open semifinal match and the beginning of the French Open for her on Sept. 28, she didn't think she could get through the rest of the tournament. She revealed she's struggling to walk and that she " more than likely " won't play another tournament this year, ESPN reported. What Is the Difference Between a Walkover and a Default? According to rules stated in Friend at Court , a book of rules and regulations for US tennis from the United States Tennis Association (USTA) , the difference between a walkover and a default lies in who initiates the action. A player, or an adult on beh

This Vitamin C Drink Gives Me a Much-Needed Boost, and It Tastes Like a Creamsicle

When I received a sample of Cymbiotika Synergy Liposomal Vitamin C ($51) - a liquid supplement that can be added to water, juice, yogurt, or your favorite blended beverage - I figured it was worth a try. With fall and winter approaching , it seemed like the perfect time to up my intake of vitamin C. Most supplements I've taken have been in capsule form, but this product - made from fermented tapioca - claims to allow for superior absorption and bioavailability, with all-natural vegan ingredients. It also contains bamboo silica, which studies show may improve bone health and aid in collagen production for the health of skin and nails. This is appealing to me because I suffer from an autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis, which causes some hair loss and puts me at greater risk for developing osteoporosis. I also like the idea of upping my vitamin C, an antioxidant that is important for healing , immune function, and the formation of collagen. Related: I Loved Sweetener Until

I Tried Powder With Over 20 Grams of Protein - and the Special Ingredient Was Crickets

Try This Nourishing Sequence the Next Time You’re Feeling Bloated

Feeling sluggish in the mind and body? This short practice can help you “digest” both feelings and food. If you’re having digestion issues, give your gut some love. Often referred to as the second brain, your gut is one of the places in your body where you integrate information. This sequence allows you to be present and integrate undigested experiences, emotions, and food. See also How to Remain Steady in Crisis and Conflict Monica Cadena is one of Y oga Journal's Live Be Yoga Tour Ambassadors. This year, the Live Be Yoga Tour—our annual roadtrip—is going virtual. We are calling it The Decompression. Recently, we’ve all been asked to journey inward, to take moments of pause and stillness, and to slow down, rest, and prioritize the things we value. Follow the Live Be Yoga 2020 series here , stay connected with us at @livebeyoga on social, and join the movement to find beauty in stillness. Source: Yoga Journal

Confused About the Testing Guidelines For COVID-19? Here's Who Should Be Swabbed

Just 15 Slow-Cooker Recipes Featuring Fall's Most Versatile Vegetable: Butternut Squash

Sure, fall is the season of pumpkin spice and everything nice but this time of the year also means squashes everywhere. From spaghetti squash to delicata squash, the possibilities are endless, but today we're celebrating butternut squash. It's not only a great source of fiber, but it's also filled with other key nutrients that give the squash its beautiful deep orange color. You won't believe, for example, that one cup of butternut squash has more potassium than a banana . The best part, health aside, is that this vegetable is just as delicious in sweet or savory dishes. If you've never cooked with butternut squash before or just want to get creative, we have 15 slow-cooker recipes, so you can enjoy squash season stress-free. via POPSUGAR Fitness

7 Foods That May Help Ease Symptoms of PCOS, According to Dietitians

Have More Pleasurable Sex With These 8 Sex-Expert-Recommended Lubricants

If you're looking for ways to maximize your pleasure while having sex, lubricant can help. Lubricant doesn't get the recognition it deserves, but it's time to change that. You may be mentally prepared to have sex, but your physical response and natural lubrication can be delayed, so it's always a great option to have on hand as your body catches up to your brain. "Intercourse introduces a lot of friction to the vaginal tissue, and lubrication is what protects this tissue from breaking down. If there isn't enough lubrication, this friction can cause abrasions or tears to the vaginal wall," Stephanie Stamas, DPT and cofounder of Chelsea Method , told POPSUGAR. The Benefits of Using Lubricant "Lube decreases the amount of friction between the penis and vagina or anus during intercourse," Heather Irobunda , MD, ob-gyn, told POPSUGAR. "When there is a lot of friction, especially due to dryness, this can cause chafing and even small cuts to de

This Roller Skater Radiates Joy With Her Bright Routines and Empowering Message

When Shirah Wepman was dealing with a depressive episode last year, a friend recommended she start roller skating. "My physical health was declining as well, due to not getting off the couch and sleeping all day," the roller skater told POPSUGAR. Roller skating was a fun activity that would be easy on her joints, a way to get moving and try something new. Wepman decided to share her experience on Instagram, she said, "because I haven't seen too many skaters like me. I want to show everyone that anyone can skate if they put the time and effort in." Opening up on social media hasn't always been easy; she said she's gotten backlash, and it's taken its toll. "I just try to remind myself that I have so much love and support behind me, that it's making all the hate worth it." Being vocal about her support for other plus-size skaters is crucial, Wepman added. "I know what it's like to feel 'too big' for a sport that is dom

If You Suffer From Achy, Tight Hips, Get Instant Relief With This 10-Minute Yoga Video

Have your hips felt tighter and more achy lately? Yoga instructor Bria Hamlet shared this 10-minute video on her YouTube channel to open your tight hips. This sequence is perfect for a beginner or an intermediate yogi as it's slow-paced and focuses on holding poses to get a deeper stretch. The video includes moves such as hip circles, Child's Pose, and Downward Facing Dog. As a bonus, this yoga flow is relaxing, so it can also help relieve stress and induce a sense of calm. Hamlet told POPSUGAR, "I sequenced it to combat tightness from excessive sitting, especially during this pandemic, and it can be modified to various skill levels. I'd recommend completing it at least twice a week!" Find a quiet space to get on the floor, and take the next 10 minutes just for you, to breathe deeply and move with intention. Related: I Did 7 Minutes of Hip Stretches Every Day; After 2 Weeks, My Body Felt Completely Different via POPSUGAR Fitness

A ‘Game-Changing’ 15-Minute COVID-19 Test Was Just Cleared in Europe

Becton Dickinson and Co.’s COVID-19 test that returns results in 15 minutes has been cleared for use in countries that accept Europe’s CE marking, the diagnostics maker said Wednesday. The test is part of a new class of quicker screening tools named for the identifying proteins called antigens they detect on the surface of SARS-CoV-2 . Becton Dickinson expects to begin selling the test, which runs on the company’s cellphone -sized BD Veritor Plus System, in European markets at the end of October. It will likely be used by emergency departments, general practitioners and pediatricians. “It is really a game-changing introduction here in Europe,” said Fernand Goldblat, BD’s head of diagnostics for Europe. Europe was really at the epicenter of the pandemic in April and May, “and unfortunately I think we’re headed back in that direction . So the need will be extremely high,” he said. Antigen tests have emerged as a valuable tool because they produce results much more quickly

I Tested Old Navy's Leggings, and These 3 Are at the Top of My List

When it comes to shopping for workout tights , there are a number of factors to keep in mind. The first, of course, is thinking about what activity you'll be dressing for - cycling, for example, can be really uncomfortable in a pair of shorts - and then considering any other needs you'll have. I for one need pockets on my tights when I eventually go to the gym because I hate trying to balance all of my things on a weight bench when I'd rather just be hands-free. I'd heard a ton of buzz about Old Navy activewear , so I decided it was time to try out its most popular styles. See how they stacked up! Related: This $28 Sweatshirt Is So Good, I'm Wearing It 5 Days a Week via POPSUGAR Fitness

Late-Night Snacking Could Be Triggering Your Acid Reflux - Here’s How to Sleep Better

Like clockwork, my postdinner cravings kick in around 9:45 p.m. I slip into the kitchen for some ice cream or leftovers and munch away on the couch to Will and Grace reruns. Life is blissful until I slide back into bed to battle a burning sensation in my chest and throat. That fiery agitation is a spell of acid reflux, and Dr. Kristen Lee, MD, a gastroenterologist associated with Manhattan Gastroenterology , says it should put an end to my reign as the late-night snacking queen. "Gastroesophageal reflux, or acid reflux, occurs when gastric acid flows back upward into the esophagus and causes uncomfortable symptoms of heartburn and regurgitation," Dr. Lee says. " Heartburn (same thing as acid indigestion or pyrosis) feels like a burning sensation behind the sternum, most commonly felt after meals. Regurgitation is the sensation of refluxed stomach contents moving up into the throat or mouth." Eating before lying down causes my acid reflux - but that's just

If Fragrance Gives You Headaches, Swap Out These Household Items

If folding load after load of clean laundry tends to give you a headache , you might not just be stressed from your busy to-do list - especially if that chore session comes along with a sneezing fit, too. In fact, you might be experiencing the side effects of a fragrance sensitivity to your detergent or fabric softener. According to Dr. Denisa E. Ferastraoaru , M.D., an allergy specialist at Montefiore Health System, some common symptoms of fragrance sensitivity include headaches; respiratory symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, difficulty breathing, or cough; and itchy eyes, watery eyes, skin rashes, and itching. "Sometimes you may also experience dizziness or nausea when you are exposed to certain smells," Dr. Ferastraoaru says. While these ailments might seem to be representative of allergy symptoms, it's important to understand that an allergy to a fragrance and a sensitivity to a fragrance are two different things. For example, Dr. Ferastraoaru says that when y

The Trump-Biden Debate Was a Missed Opportunity to Provide Americans With Clarity on COVID-19

If Americans were hoping to get some reassurance, clarity, or even hope from this year’s presidential candidates about how the U.S. will make it through the coronavirus pandemic, then Tuesday night’s first debate fell woefully short. During the 15-minute segment dedicated to COVID-19—which is still killing hundreds of Americans each day, and stands to worsen once again —neither President Donald Trump nor Former Vice President Joe Biden provided any substantive plans for what health experts say will be a critical next few months, and possibly years, in the fight against the coronavirus. Instead of thoughtful plans for addressing the deadliest and most disruptive public health crisis the world has faced in a century, viewers got a mud-slinging brawl between two candidates who were mostly more interested in landing jabs than in providing any reassurance to an already edgy public reeling from lost loved ones, lost jobs and disrupted lives. “Get out of the bunker, get out of the

These Cute Bike Shorts on Amazon Are Everyday Essentials, and They Start at Just $13

It's hard to deny that bike shorts are having a moment. There's a real demand for cute workout shorts , and since we're spending so much time at home, we love pieces that we can both sweat in and lounge around the house in. Throwing on bike shorts with a sports bra and tank is perfect for at-home workouts, and pairing those same shorts with an oversize sweater is our new work-from-home uniform. We love bike shorts, and Amazon actually has a bunch of great styles, starting at just $13. If you want some new classic black shorts, fun colors and prints, or even shorts with pockets , these 20 shorts are perfect for your workout routine. Whether you want longer shorts, short shorts, or something in between, you'll love these affordable, easy-to-wear pairs. Keep reading to shop our picks! Related: I've Never Been More Excited, or Grateful, to Be Able to Work Out via POPSUGAR Fitness

What Dietitians Really Think About Supplements That Promise Relief For PMS Symptoms

Boost Your Motivation and Willpower with This Sequence

Here are 10 yoga poses to help you recharge and strengthen your resolve. If you’re struggling with your willpower lately, you are not alone. While this year has brought some of us more free time, many of us may have found ourselves feeling burned out, overwhelmed, and stuck in our heads. Our collective environment and the challenging, constantly shifting reality of the time we’re living in can greatly affect our motivation, even when projects or endeavors are exciting on paper or in theory. Fortunately, through yoga, you can cultivate the power of the  manipura, or solar plexus, chakra to fire up your energy, set focused intentions, and take action to reach your goals. Try this empowering, grounding sequence, created by yoga teacher Charnette Batey to help you reconnect to your strength and creative spirit, and recharge your ability to see things through.  See also  Latham Thomas’s Advice for Reinvigorating Your Practice: Active Rest We independently source all of the products tha

The NHL Had 0 Positive COVID-19 Tests Throughout the Postseason. We Asked Commissioner Gary Bettman What We Can Learn From That

On Sept. 28, the National Hockey League became the first of the so-called “Big Four” North American professional team sports leagues—the NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL—to crown a champion in the COVID-19 era; the Tampa Bay Lightning lifted the Stanley Cup for the second time in franchise history, knocking off the Dallas Stars in Game 6 of the Cup finals, 2-0. After shutting down its season in March, the NHL returned to play in August, with 24 teams competing for the Stanley Cup in a postseason that took place in two “bubble” locations: Eastern Conference teams were stationed in Toronto, while Western Conference teams played in Edmonton (once the playoffs reached the Conference Finals round, the remaining four teams played their games in Edmonton). No NHL personnel tested positive in the bubble. Before Game 6, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman joined TIME for a phone conversation from Edmonton, to discuss the keys to managing COVID-19 in the bubble, lessons learned from the experien

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