9 Butt Workouts to Build and Strengthen Your Glutes - and All You Need Are Dumbbells

When it comes to building glute muscle, adding weight is a great way to do it. But don't worry - that doesn't limit you to just the classic moves like squats or deadlifts. You'll see those exercises in a few of these glute-building workouts we've rounded up, but there's enough variety, with moves like bridges and fire hydrants, to keep you from getting bored while targeting your butt muscles from different angles. Win-win.

As another bonus, all you need for these workouts is a pair of dumbbells (here's how to choose the right weight for you) and the internet, because all of them are right on YouTube. Try a few this week and don't forget to stretch out those glutes afterwards - you're gonna need it! (PS: some of these workouts don't come with a warmup, so make sure to complete a quick one beforehand.)

via POPSUGAR Fitness


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