Boost Your Motivation and Willpower with This Sequence

Here are 10 yoga poses to help you recharge and strengthen your resolve.

If you’re struggling with your willpower lately, you are not alone. While this year has brought some of us more free time, many of us may have found ourselves feeling burned out, overwhelmed, and stuck in our heads. Our collective environment and the challenging, constantly shifting reality of the time we’re living in can greatly affect our motivation, even when projects or endeavors are exciting on paper or in theory.

Fortunately, through yoga, you can cultivate the power of the manipura, or solar plexus, chakra to fire up your energy, set focused intentions, and take action to reach your goals. Try this empowering, grounding sequence, created by yoga teacher Charnette Batey to help you reconnect to your strength and creative spirit, and recharge your ability to see things through. 

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Source: Yoga Journal


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