Down, Down, Do Your Plank! This "Cupid Shuffle" Abs Challenge Is Not to Be Missed

If you missed the "Cupid Shuffle" plank challenge when it made the rounds on TikTok a few months ago, never fear. There's plenty of time to jump on board now, and when you watch one of these entertaining micro-workouts, you're gonna want to! Each one is only about 15 seconds long but contains multiple challenging plank variations, from twisted mountain climber and plank with leg lift to up-down plank and creepy crawler. You can choose from a couple different versions (do you feel like lateral or vertical leg kicks today?) but every one looks like it'll work up the arms-and-abs burn you expect from a plank sequence. Luckily, setting it to this iconically-catchy song makes everything a little more bearable. We'll be pulling these moves out at the next family wedding, for sure. Check out more of our favorite variations ahead.

via POPSUGAR Fitness


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