Girlfriend Collective's Colorful New Drop Is Filled With Fall Vibes

At this point, almost everyone at POPSUGAR knows our love for Girlfriend Collective is real. We love their sustainable, eco-friendly mission, their commitment to size inclusivity and diversity in imagery, and their genuinely cute workout clothes. We could wax poetic on their comfortable sports bras and versatile leggings, but today, they released their seasonal fall colors, and they were enough to grab the attention of everyone in the group chat.

Limestone, terra, lapis, and chartreuse are the fall colors we needed in our workout wardrobe. Limestone and terra are more muted neutrals, while lapis and chartreuse are vibrant brights with a definite transitional vibe; these aren't your typical pastels or neons. Whether you want a matching set or like to mix and match your colors, there are options for you. They've made everything from sports bras and leggings to wind breakers and track pants. Even your favorite bike shorts are back in stock, but they won't be for long, so shop now while you can!

via POPSUGAR Fitness


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