"Healthy Is Not a Body Type": This Body-Positive Artist Is Breaking Down Stereotypes

On Instagram, artist Lena Dirscherl is known as BoPoLena. It's there, on their account, that they share their simple, powerful illustrations advocating for body positivity across all genders and body types, encouraging self-love in the hopes, they told POPSUGAR, of helping their followers heal.

Dirscherl has struggled with body-image issues and body dysmorphia, and began creating their illustrations back in 2016 as a way "to heal myself and others." It started as a short, three-month "artistic trial," a way to practice their artistic skills while experimenting with a new and important subject, and grew into a project that continues to this day. "I found a huge part of my artistic voice back then," Dirscherl said. "I'm still motivated to dive deeper into this topic and to create even more body positive illustrations!"

Dirscherl said there are some trolls that lurk on their account, but they don't bother talking to them; they're "not the audience I'm trying to reach," they explained. Overall, the response to their artwork has been positive and even grateful. "A lot of people contact me to thank me for my work," Dirscherl said. "They tell me it helps them feel better about themselves."

This is exactly what Dirscherl hopes to accomplish. "I hope that my illustrations have a positive impact on the viewer," they said. "I want to spread a positive message and help people to heal. If you are surrounded by negative voices, it can be so important to read something positive about yourself and your body."

See a sampling of Dirscherl's powerful artwork ahead, and head to their Instagram page for more of their inspiring, positive message.

via POPSUGAR Fitness


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