Pro Runner Jasmine Blocker Never Skips These 3 Bodyweight Exercises For Her Abs

Jasmine Blocker, NASM-certified personal trainer and runner for Team USA, recently shared dynamic ab exercises she likes to do to challenge her core while elevating her heart rate. The moves, such as high knees and tuck jumps, are great for strength and are major core crushers, but they might be too high-impact for some people. That's why we're so happy to see that she again shared three ab exercises she never skips out on - and this time they're all bodyweight and low-impact, yet still challenging!

Blocker's top three favorite ab exercises are hollow body holds (she siad they work a majority of the core; she does three rounds of 45 seconds each), alternating toe reaches (for the six-pack muscles and obliques; she does three sets of 15 reps per side), and plank up-downs (for ab and arm work; she does 10 reps on each side, three times through). She wrote on Instagram that she does these moves at least three days a week.

Keep reading for instructions on how to do each exercise. We highly recommend you add them to your next sweat session!

via POPSUGAR Fitness


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