Starr Andrews Was So Inspired by the Song "Black Like Me" That She "Just Had to Skate to It"

Watch figure skater Starr Andrews as she gracefully glides on the ice to the song "Black Like Me" by Mickey Guyton. In the video, she thanks Guyton for singing this song, which inspired her so much that she said, "I just had to skate to it." Andrews said the program choreographed by Derrick Delmore "honors the struggles that African Americans have, and still are enduring."

Andrews chooses her ice-skating moves at just the right moments to express her emotions. Watching her jump and spin in the air when you hear the lyrics "It's a hard life on easy street" and "You should try to be Black like me" is incredibly moving. Andrews keeps her smile throughout the routine, especially at the end when she raises her fist as a symbol for Black Power. Guyton was so touched by the routine, she sent a sweet message to Andrews on Twitter.

via POPSUGAR Fitness


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