Your Abs and Butt Will Be Shaking By the End of This 15-Minute No-Equipment Workout

Chyna Bardarson, a NASM-certified and Tone It Up trainer, is all about maximum efficiency. That's why she created this quick, zero-equipment workout that targets not one but two key muscle groups, your core and your glutes, pushing those muscles to the limit and getting you in and out in just 15 minutes.

Since we're not using any weight in this workout, "higher repetition is important," Bardarson said; upping your reps is an effective way to strengthen your muscles without resistance. That's why you'll spend 45 seconds doing each move, pushing through as many reps as you can to max out your core and glute muscles. (A quick note that if getting strong is your goal, it's important to stick to a consistent, strength-focused workout plan and nutrition plan; this routine can be part of that!)

Because the workout itself is pretty short and uses only bodyweight, Bardarson said the mind-body connection - focusing hard on the engagement of your glutes and abs, aka not letting your mind wander or just phoning in the moves - is key if you want to get the most out of the workout. Ready to work? Keep reading to get the full routine, and if you want more home workouts from Bardarson and other Tone It Up trainers, the Tone It Up app is available for free for the full month of September.

Chyna Bardarson's 15-Minute No-Equipment Abs and Butt Workout

Equipment needed: A yoga mat or comfortable area on the floor

Directions: Start with the warmup listed below. Then, complete each exercise in the following circuit for 45 seconds, with no rest in between moves. Rest for one minute after the circuit is complete, then repeat the circuit for a total of two rounds. Bardarson said to make sure you focus on engaging your core and glutes throughout in order to maintain your form. After you're done, she recommended stretching out with the figure four stretch, pigeon, and active hamstring stretch.


  • Squat walk: one minute
  • Alternating side lunge: one minute
  • Butt kick: one minute

Ab and Butt Circuit:

  • Curtsy lunge to leg lift: 45 seconds each side
  • Single-leg glute bridge with abduction: 45 seconds each side
  • Donkey kick to side kick: 45 seconds each side
  • Surrender: 45 seconds
  • Bear crawl: 45 seconds

Keep reading to see how to do each move.

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