21 Intense Orangetheory Workouts You Can Do at Home

Orangetheory is one of the most popular worldwide fitness studios for a reason: it combines supportive coaches with science-backed workout methods, and some of the best technology out there to help get your heart-rate going and work the entire body. For Orangetheory veterans to beginners alike, using Orangetheory's interval training style at home is a sure bet to getting your sweat on and really feeling the burn. With workouts around 30 minutes in length, incorporating them into your exercise routine is an easy, fun way to change it up and push your body just a bit further. Here, you'll find home workouts that focus on the entire body, incorporating exercises like burpees, lunges, jump squats, core work, and training with weights (or water bottles!). Swipe through to find some of Orangetheory's best home-friendly routines to try out for yourself.

via POPSUGAR Fitness


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